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Veronica Kirin

Berlin, Land Berlin, Germany
I help small business owners achieve freedom through scaling.
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FEES from $77 USD to $4700 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Veronica Kirin is a serial entrepreneur who sold her tech company in order to teach fellow small business owners what she had achieved: the 10-hour workweek. She customizes her Three Pillars of Business Scaling for each of her clients so they can reduce their time exposure and build the structures necessary to grow their business exponentially (aka. Build an Empire). She is also the author of the award-winning anthropology book “Stories of Elders” and creator of the Stories of COVID research which documents the pandemic in real time. She has been named a Forbes NEXT 1,000 Entrepreneur and BEQ's 40 LGBTQ Leaders Under 40, and has spoken at two TEDx events.

Coaching with me


  • Develop more freedom and peace in your life

  • Land bigger clients or contracts than ever before

  • Become a master at task management

  • Build an incredible team that feels effortless to lead

  • Get that lead generation wheel turning!


You don't need me asking leading questions to help you discover the tools you haven't been able to find on your own — you need your time back, now. Together we'll unpack and throw away the uncessary work you've been doing in your business and streamline the rest to maximize profits and free your time for good. 

My methodology:

  • The Three Pillars of Business Scaling™

  • Self Care Through Scaling™

  • The Scientific Method of Business™

  • Skyscraper Theory™



Are you building an empire? Put another way, do you have so many ideas that you keep yourself buried in work? You know what I’m talking about. You love the freedom entrepreneurship brings, but can't seem to get off the hamster wheel. It keeps you up at night. You’re passionate, but you’re also scared because you don't know how to pull it all together. There are too many pieces and it's burning you out. That’s where our work together comes in.

I work with small business owners who want to build an empire and disrupt the status quo to create a better world. You're an expert at what you do but need support to define and develop your business ‘edge’ in order to reduce your time exposure and move forward with clarity and confidence. Together we'll restructure your business to reduce your workload and time exposure, maximize your income, and give you the freedom you deserve.

Short courses or group coaching

SCALING:lab is the only online global membership specifically designed to help small business owners scale up and out of their busiensses. SCALING:lab leverages a powerful combination of community, an academy of guides and courses, and the coaching to back it all up. Monthly membership is designed to be afforadble to give the tools of scaling to any small business owner who is sick of burnout and wants the freedom they envisaged when they founded their business. 

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Professional Life Coach Certification
  • BA in Anthropology
  • WHY Certified Coach

I don't teach anything I haven't done myself: I scaled and sold my tech company in 2018 after facing serious burnout. I was working 70+ hours a week and felt I had been tricked — business wasn't more freedom, it was more work for less pay! Scaling is what transformed my life and business. When I sold, I legally documented my 10 hour workweek. That's what I want for you. Through Automation, Systems, and Hiring, we will scale your impact and income, reduce your stress, and finally get you the relaxed business that you always dreamt of.

Fee description

Fees: from $77 USD to $4700 USD

SCALING:lab is priced affordably at $77/mo. At the high end, small business owners can join me for a one-week business scaling intensive in Split, Croatia, where we'll stay in Diocletian's Palace and completely restructure the business. The retreat, named EMPIRE, is $4700.


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