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Coach Wendie Berry
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Wendie Berry

Empowerment & Transition Coach, RN 
High Ridge, Missouri, United States
I am a Spiritual Practitioner, Empowerment and Transition Coach for Women in Midlife.

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About me

I work with wise women who are ready to learn the words they need to speak their life into existence so they can uncover their true power and be mentors that will help transform the world.
I moved into midlife when my daughter graduated and I began to question my purpose in life. Working as a nurse no longer fed my soul and I ached for deeper meaning. I began my search for answers. My journey has had it's ups and downs, traveling the uncharted paths. The gifts I found were a renewal of my curiosity and imagination; I found the magic of life; I found my source of strength; I stepped into my power of my divine feminine; I learned that fertility continued beyond menopause; I found my unchanging beauty in the mirror; I learned to celebrate my story knowing the unique value of my life; and most of all, I have helped my granddaughter to see aging in a different light than the media portrays.
I became a coach to help midlife women rediscover their gifts; embrace their feminine power; to awaken the magic within them and empower them to speak the life they desire into existence.
Imagine if:
* You could work with someone who can sense in your energy when you are in this
moment - either on the precipice of a breakthrough or shutting down and in
* You could have a master listener that hears the spaces between and beneath your
words, then verbalizes them for you.
* You could have someone show you both the Big Picture of your dream life as well
as break down the steps that will help you get there.
* You could connect heart to heart with a loving Spiritual Practitioner.
* You could work with someone who can see your true worth, your true value and
believes in your greatness.
I would be honored to be the guide that helps to light your path, to clear old wounds, to activate the power inside you and to celebrate your authentic greatness.

Coaching with me

I help you

* Have clarity about the Vision you have for their life and a deep knowing of your
motivating "Why".
* Uncover your life story including your gifts, talents, limiting beliefs and habits.
* Discover your Spiritual DNA that is your life purpose.
* Learn the "power" tools to manifest your Vision.
* Learn the "power" tools to remove blocks that prevent manifesting your Vision.
* Learn your personal power words.
* Discover your authentic self.
* Unleash your feminine power and step into your greatness.
* Reveal a life that is fulfilled in all areas: Health/Wellness; Career/Finances;
Relationships; Spiritual; and Fun/Freedom.
I provide coaching that is individualized by providing individual, group and online coaching. I utilize my intuition and listening skills during your complimentary Life Assessments to help you gain clarity about what you would like to achieve with coaching and discuss your coaching options so you can choose the plan that is best for you.
My individual and group coaching is provided via phone or Skype on a weekly basis. They also include workbooks and video/audio files about weekly lessons. There is also an online group that creates support and community.
My online courses are self-paced for those that prefer to work on their own. There is an additional option for email support.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

1:1 Programs that include workbook, video/audio teachings and weekly coaching calls
Self-paced courses with email options.
Short courses or group coaching
Group coaching programs that include workbook, video/audio teachings and weekly coaching calls

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Spiritual Practitioner
  • Certified Dream Builder Coach
  • RN
My ability to fill my role as a Life Coach has been shaped by life experiences, school, trainings.

I spent many years being a care giver. First as the eldest of 5. Becoming a mother at 17, which led me to choose a career to support my new family - becoming a Registered Nurse. My focus was providing a life for my daughter. As my daughter moved closer to graduating High School I began questioning my purpose in life. I loved nursing and had practiced in many different areas yet I felt like there was something missing.

This was the starting point for the journey to my authentic self. It has had it's ups and downs because I didn't know where I was going. I learned many things on my journey and gathered many "power" tools along the way. It seemed like a hodge podge of experiences and lessons and it left me feeling confused and out of balance.

The day that my Vision became clear was the day everything fell into place and I understood my purpose. The hodge podge became a spiral of understanding and empowered me to step into my role as a Life Coach for Women in Midlife.

Today I am a Confident, Beautiful, Empowered Wise Women that guides and supports other wise women to step into their greatness and live the lives they love.

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD to $1997 USD

See specific coaching program for details.
Multiple payment options with Single payment having a 10% discount.


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