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William Burns

PTLLs Level 4, A1 Assessor Award 
Rossendale, England, United Kingdom

I am a highly experienced coach who has been through alot and walked out the otherside. 

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About me

Are you perfect in every way? Then why not? "Unlock your you" is a business which will help you not look for satisfaction on the outside but help you create it within. You deserve it and are the creator of your happiness, which starts from within. A little about me ; I have worked all around the UK, working with various people, being a tutor, coach, mentor, it is my job to help the development and personal development of people I work with. This was to help people better themselves within their work place or to help them build confidence to take the steps needed to progress and develop. One of the biggest barriers, if not the biggest barrier is the individuals confidence, this amazed. If we look at the word "confidence" it originated from the Latin word "confidere", which means "have full trust". This is where I needed to know more and I needed to know how and why people had such a lack in confidence and why they don't have this full trust in their self or their abilities. Does this sound like you? So a now you know where my interest come from, now for a little more personal information about me. I was what so many people would view as average or in some elements below average. I came from a single parent home, who grew up on a council estate with 3 brothers, my mum did all she could but suffered from a degenerative disease from a very young age. My first experience of the ignorance in today's society started back in lower school, due to my mum having this severe degenerative disease it caused her to walk with a stick and have to "link" or get support to walk from myself and/or my oldest brother. This is where the ignorance reared its ugly head, I was laughed at on a number of occasions to the point where my mum was so upset she felt bad for having to use my support. This is where I first time I had ever come up against peer pressure and peer OPINION. The second most memorial moment where peer opinion tried to make a bold statement was at the age of 16, I was an aspiring young athlete working and trying to create a career for my self with in the greatest game of today; Soccer. To my disarray and misery this was brought to a grinding halt one sunny evening in August 2005. We was completing a routine fitness session which was hard work and the intensity was very high, so as a treat the coach introduced a little game to finish off the session. This is where it happened, It is all a little blurry no but I can distinctly remember the large "Snap" sound which echoed through my body followed by excruciating pain. Fast forwarding a few months, I found out that I had severely ruptured my anterior crucible ligament inside my knee, I had a scan and a knee arthroscopy (which in simple terms is a camera in the need to see the extent of the damage). I was at my follow up appointment waiting for the leading surgeon in the uk to speak to me. When I went in to my appointment the news was worse then I had anticipated, I got told I would never play again, I would need a minimum of 2 large operations which would take 18-24 months to heal and even then it would be a 50% chance of success for me to ever play again. This is where it hit me, this is where I felt a bigger force then me take over what I was saying, I said to the surgeon, "thank you for your advise, however I would like to try without the surgery" this is where he said to me that "there has been no one he knows of that has come back from this extent of an injury and played competitively again". Again this force took over me and I said "well I will be the first, I will be back training and playing with in 12 months". The surgeon just looking at me in disbelief as I shook his hand, he said "I hope you are and good luck". In my mind that was his thoughts, that us not my thoughts, so i set out on a war path to because that was his rules not mine. So why is peer opinion such an influence on our life? The latter example was a professional well education opinion, but still, it is just an opinion. In the works of Napoleon Hill "opinions are among the cheapest commodity" regardless who they are from. In many cases, I don't understand why opinions are so influential especially when most people who have them, do not know where word "opinion" originated, it is derived from the Latin word "opinari" which means believe or think. We concentrate more on what we "think" of people more the what we actually believe about people. What the intention of my work is to strip down people's opinions of themselves and others. I will be looking at different issues of today effecting these thoughts and beliefs, more important I will draw up on my personal and professional experiences to help you break your habit and help you to gain the happiness we all seek. The ultimate my goal is to help you not to reduce how much you want to be like other people. Also improve our inner influences and reduce external influences on you and get you to "Unlock Your YOU".

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