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William Wayne Burns

Motivation and Success Professional 
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
Very experienced in overcoming crisis. Dedicated to teaching you how to be successful.

About me

I am a very strategic thinker with an unparalleled ability to think outside of the box. In my past I have experienced all aspects of life. I have experienced life and death, poverty and prosperity, popularity and humiliation, success and failure. I have been all around the world and had the opportunity to meet extraordinary people from many backgrounds.
Because of my background and the stories I have heard from others in my life I do not believe in an excuse for failure. I believe we are all great we just need to figure out how. I decided that when my time in the U.S. Army came to an end I would dedicate my life to helping others unlock their true potential.
My programs are designed to help anyone in any situation. I believe we all deserve the opportunity to improve. No matter if you are the worst criminal in the world, the CEO of a multi-million dollar business, or anything in between, I will never cast you away. My dream is to help everyone accomplish their dreams.

Coaching with me

When you come to me we will take the time to establish what you are aiming to achieve. After that has been completed you can expect nothing less than your goals to be completed. I make sure that all my clients leave with the tools and knowledge they will need to make their goals reality.
I prefer to coach with a person face to face style. I am able and willing to coach via phone and email however I view personal interaction to be the most effective. I love to be there for my clients every step of the way. Typically I see my clients at least once a week, often times more. All in all I aim to treat your goal as my own while helping you to reach it.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

My private coaching programs are uniquely designed on a case to case basis. Our first private session will start with an interview process based around your needs. The interview gives me a better understanding of what aspects we need to improve. Beyond the interview I will work directly with you every step of the way to complete the plan we create. I maintain a 24/7 phone line to insure that your needs are met.
Short courses or group coaching
Short courses and group coaching programs typically range from thirty minutes to ninety minutes. The prices is typically based of the projected audience size as well as duration and content. These programs are a great place to start because the outline all of the key points and details of the corresponding private coaching programs. I offer these programs for audiences of a five person minimum and there is no maximum. Discounts apply for larger groups.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Stress Managment Training
  • Leadership Training
I believe that coaching come from something far beyond degrees and training, it comes from experience. Other than degrees and training, I am someone who can relate with my clients in a sympathetic way not just empathetic. At an earlier point in my life I was very troubled and on the wrong path. I experienced death all around me including my father and brother. I experience substance abuse and dealing. After that I joined the Army and began studying criminal psychology. I have also studied the psychology of motivation, science of success, public speaking, body language, history, and theology.
I have first hand dug my life in to a very deep hole. When I finally decided to climb out I did not stop at the surface, I decided to continue up a mountain. I knew at that point that I could use my experience and my knowledge to keep other from making hard to spot mistakes that I have found as well as how to over come and hurdle that comes their way. With my experience and education I have developed systems and formulas that guarantee success in everything you do in life.

Fee description

Fees: from $35 USD to $175 USD

The fees displayed are hourly rates. All fees are flexible based on a commitment to duration of program.


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