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Wolfgang Liertz

Co-Active Coach Candidate 
Singapore, Singapore

I coach young leaders to find their true life purpose and help them reach most ambitious goals.

About me

You are ambitious and successful, but somehow feeling stuck?
You finally got the job you wanted, but find yourself bored?
You used to be great under pressure, but now overwhelmed trying to keep up with it all?
The decision keeps you awake at night, if you should take on this new opportunity or stay in your job?
You want to move to this other place, but can't convince yourself to take action?

I'll help you to enjoy what you do - because only then you'll be good at it. I'll support you to identify your inner values and connect with your purpose every day. We will identify the topics that really matter to you and generate powerful insights, which will lead to actionable results. My clients value that I am a deep listener and empower their skills and creativity, rather than instruct or advise. For me, it is the most fulfilling part to see people take off, in both their private and business lives, after finding their Why.

In my primary job, I am a leader in the corporate world to drive Digital Transformation both internally and externally. Most of the job requires to be a coach: I am coaching my team and colleagues to find the most fulfilling way to contribute to the company's purpose, and we are coaching our customers to set the right priorities to succeed in the future. Creating understanding within people and seeing them succeed are my major drivers.

My coach training is with the Co-Active Coaching Institute, the world’s largest in-person coach training and leadership development organization. I live in Singapore and coach clients in English and German, via the web and in person, in the evenings and on weekends.

Are you interested? Let's block out some time in our calendars, so I can show you the power of coaching - just request a Free Consultation. I look forward to talking with you!



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