lifecoach $4600 USD YAMA EAMEN YAMA EAMEN Life and Business Coach. Transforming my clients to achieve their highest  potentials.
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Life & Buisness Coach  
San Francisco, California, United States

Life and Business Coach. Transforming my clients to achieve their highest  potentials.

Life coach Business coach

FEES from $160 USD to $4600 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I have coached people from all walks of life to help them transform and become successful in different areas of their life. I am a Life Coach and Business Coach, because I LOVE to help others and also, because achieving your goals is similar to running a marathon. Optimum athletes need nonstop coaching, sound guidance and encouragement to achieve their result.

I have been coaching and consulting Individuals, Companies, Executives, Politicians and Leaders internationally for over 10 years. From US Government, To Defense, to Startup, to Fortune 100, from no revenue to $100s millions locally & internationally.

About me:

  • For past 20 years I have cofounded three successful companies with value at of over $500MM

  • Managed capital ventures and corporate projects/partnerships both domestic and international value at over $1 Billion.

  • Provided consulting and coaching to numerous Fortune 500 clients globally including Samsung, GE, NATO, DOD, UN, UNDP, USG and Private clients in US and around the world.

  • Life Coach , Business Coach  and Management consultant of 10+ years

  • Serial entrepreneur


Coaching with me


Are you happy and satisfied at this point with your personal and professional life? Have you achieved the highest potential that you deserve? … There is a good chance the reason that you have visited my profile here is that you are looking for answers that you don’t have yet. As a Life & Business Coach, Entrepreneur, co-founder and experienced executive, I have hands-on combined experience of over 20 years valued at a Billion USD in ventures, in coaching, managing and so on.

My coaching methodology reflects my experience that I have gained through past 20 years. The trends become visible once you are aware to notice them. I look forward communicating with you and help you to achieve your goals.


My coaching program is organized based on my continuous communication with my clients. Motivational communication practices and solution focused coaching approaches. I customize my methods and feedback to the challenges, character and to situation of my clients. Much of my skill as a life and business coach comes from my (real life) experience  and business coaching / consulting, managing & leading ventures and companies that I co-founded, and mindset.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


I offer private coaching via Skype or other means of video conferencing. Furthermore, I offer face to face sessions with clients who live in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose Area and East Bay. Also for Corporate clients I offer Corporate Coaching & Consulting in different areas such as:

✔Life Coach ✔ Requirements and Strategic plans ✔Global expansion

✔Negotiating ✔Conflict Resolution,

✔Program & Project Management ✔Management Consulting and Executive coaching, ✔Executive Communication ✔Business Operation








Life Coach, Leadership Coaching, Executive Coaching,  Self Worth & Confidence Development,  Career Change or Overcoming Challenges, Balance: How To Balance Life, Managing Anger,  Frustration and Stress Management, Conflict Resolution

Online sessions are done via Skype or Phone based on the preference of the client.

Short courses or group coaching

I offer group coaching for a group of 5 to 12 people. For more information please contact me.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • BS Science California State University
  • One year education in leadership
  • Negotiating across cultures
  • Organizational Development
  • Change Management
  • Law of Attraction coach
  • Leadership coach
  • Executive coach
  • Confidence coach
  • Career coach
  • Life Coaching
  • Intercultural Coaching
  • Interpersonal Coaching
  • Conflict Resolution

For past 20 years I have been an Entrepreneur, Co-founder of 3 successful companies, Executives of different ventures and (Life and Business Coach). I have traveled internationally extensively for coaching, business and learning. I am grateful of the experience that I have gained & learned and it is my most sincere desire to share my experience and knowledge with others through Coaching.

Fee description

Fees: from $160 USD to $4600 USD

The fees are depending on the program and the clients. My utmost goal is to help you and provide you value, so please contact me for more information.

I prefer project-based fees.


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