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Yannick Jacob

Happiness Expert BSc Msc MA SPCP  
LONDON, England, United Kingdom
Positive Psychology meets Existentialism. Live a more authentic & full life; face anxiety & be happy
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About me

Life is fascinating, challenging, exciting, fun, thought-provoking and complex. I love it and it scares me. Nobody is immune to the anxiety that comes with being alive but I learned to embrace the whole spectrum rather than trying to suppress or avoid the so-called "negative" feelings. Happy to offer you a space to explore who you are and how to best navigate through this beautiful mess :)

Here are a few things I do:

Programme Leader MSc Coaching Psychology, University of East London

Lecturer in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology at UEL, visiting lecturer for MA Existential Coaching at NSPC.

Trainer for ICF accredited CPD courses in Existential Coaching and Positive Psychology Coaching at Animas Centre for Coaching.

Mediator (conflict resolution)

Wellbeing teacher at secondary schools and sixth form colleges

DJ and artist

Co-Founder of two start-up companies

Author of two books

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Coaching with me

You want to be happy, content, fulfilled, whole and living a full life? You wanna set and/or reach a goal or make a very difficult decision? You have a desire to grow as a person, learn and understand things better, be able to manage hardship and negative feelings and build defences against life’s many lemons? Maybe you want to cease the day, everyday, resolve conflict within and around you, be proud of yourself, improve a certain relationship or learn discipline and self control? Perhaps you aim to maximise your personal or professional success, make the best use of your time, motivate yourself and stop procrastinating, discover your strengths and what you’re good at, build resilience against depression, burn-out or loss of meaning? Give coaching if you would like to change or improve an aspect of your life (private or business).
I differentiate between life and business coaching

Life Coaching:
Positive Existential Coaching focuses on personal development and life coaching. It can be described as positive psychology coaching within an existential framework. That means it helps people live a happier and more fulfilled life, focusing on the positives, but not ignoring the inevitable struggles that life holds.
For most people it is not necessary to extensively revisit their childhood or relationships with their parents to achieve change in the above. Coaching (unlike most therapy) therefore focuses mainly on the present and future.
An existential perspective appreciates that there are certain boundaries and that life often is a constant struggle. Everybody experiences anxiety and distress, simply because we are alive. At some point in our life we will inevitably be confronted with uncertainty, loneliness, death and meaninglessness. This unique approach to coaching enables people to come to terms with this inevitable fact of life while making use of the exiting new findings from the science of positive psychology.
“What is right with me and my life?” is a question that we often fail to ask ourselves. Yet discovering our strengths, finding out about what makes life worth living and what makes us feel good is essential to wellbeing. It builds resilience so that the inevitable crises that life brings about don’t hit us as hard and we are able to bounce back more quickly.

Business Coaching:
Positive Executive Coaching focuses on success, performance, learning and positive development in the workplace. The business world has certain characteristics that call for a more focused coaching approach. What is right with an employee is still rarely discussed, emphasized or utilized. Yet positive psychology and coaching research has established powerful evidence for increases in employees’ productivity through applying coaching in the following areas:
- Utilizing personal strengths
- Boosting employees’ wellbeing
- Providing a meaning framework related to their job/company
- Providing support through periods of change or transition
- Resolving personal issues or workplace conflicts

Skills and Performance
Learn a new skill/ grow a capability
Solve a problem
Make an important business decision
Adapt management style or make behavioural changes
Improve personal performance

Personal Development
Obtain closure around some unfinished business in the work situation (e.g. a conflictual working relationship)
Develop emotional intelligence
Develop deeper self-belief and confidence

Prepare for a future leadership role
Become a more effective leader now
Develop influencing skills
Become more strategic
Create a high performance team and organisation

Meaning Making
Find greater meaning, satisfaction and balance in your life and work
Discover what you really want in life
Make a major life change
(List adapted from Bluckert, 2006 “Psychological dimensions of Executive Coaching”)


I offer face to face and online services. Where possible, I prefer to meet clients in person at least once before going on a development journey together. If you haven't experienced personal coaching, give me a call for a free consultation and I'll tell you more about what's going to happen.
Coaching can be quite effective online. I meet with a number of clients via telephone, skype and had even had some very productive email and text chat sessions.
Short courses or group coaching
I have led personal development programmes and coaching groups at universities, schools and charities. I have trained hundereds of coaches, counsellors and mentors at the University of East London, NSPC adn Animas Centre for Coaching. I can offer short courses, group coaching, PPD session (Personal & Professional Development) as well as comprehensive and structured personal and social development lessons ("happiness classes" if you will).

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • MSc Applied Positive Psychology
  • MA Existential Coaching
  • BSc Psychology
  • Designing & teaching ICF accredited and MSc level Coaching Training
  • Personal Consultancy (London's Personal Well Being Centre)
  • Life Clubs Group facilitation
  • SPCP Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution
Balance has been a major theme in my life. I was lucky enough to have realised fairly early that most of the things that work really well are well balanced. The people, activities, jobs, attitudes, courses or knowledge that I have enjoyed most are all well balanced.

Yet many people I come across have a very narrow focus. This is very useful at times when distractions need to be minimised. People with a clear focus tend to achieve more. But without a wider perspective on things you can feel lost and quickly lose touch with what’s really important in your life.

Everything I do - coaching, conflict resolution and personal development education - is aimed to put the focus on what’s important while maintaining a wider perspective. For some it’s the bigger picture that’s missing, for others the focus on what’s at hand. But it’s always best to keep both in mind.

That is why I have taken positive psychology (a science that focuses on what’s right with people, on happiness, wellbeing and the good life) and embedded it into the framework of existentialism (a philosophy of existence, of being-in-the-world-with-others, and the many challenges and anxieties that come with this human ‘condition’).

Awareness and understanding are the first steps to lasting change. They allow you to build or re-build a strong foundation from which to make difficult decisions. Because people change, what made sense years ago might not work for us anymore. Re-evaluating our worldview, how we make sense of the world and us in it, might be necessary from time to time.

Very often things fall into place from then on and we just know what to do. We might feel it, know it or plan it. If it’s not that easy, coaching tools and techniques, practical exercises, storytelling, a book recommendation or quote or the right intervention at the right time can help to get to grips with even the biggest challenge that life holds.

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD to $500 USD

Every client is different and every client deserves a bespoke coaching programme that fits their individual needs and resources. My consultations are free and last up to 2 hours, after which I will make you a proposal.


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