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Yulia Nazarenko

Ootmarsum, Provincie Overijssel, Netherlands
Awaken your true self with balanced, soul-deep coaching from a spiritually connected couple. Realize
Life coach Spiritual coach
OFFERINGS: Private coaching

FEES from $185 USD to $300 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Welcome to a transformative space where authenticity, depth, and spiritual wholeness are celebrated. We are a spiritually attuned couple dedicated to guiding you on an unparalleled journey toward self-discovery, healing, and profound life changes. Our coaching style is an intimate blend of wisdom, heart-centeredness, and unwavering directness.

Having navigated the intricate maze of human experiences and emotions, we've arrived at a powerful state of spiritual connection and clarity. This has equipped us to understand the vast spectrum of your life challenges, be they emotional, psychological, or spiritual. Our work is not for the faint-hearted; we resonate with individuals who have a genuine thirst for unfiltered truth and who are willing to dive deep into their inner worlds.

Our unique dual-coaching approach offers you the benefit of harmonized male and female perspectives, enriching your coaching experience and making room for more well-rounded insights and solutions. We invite you to join us for a transformative encounter with your truest self, one that will not only enlighten but will empower you to live your most fulfilling life. Come, let us explore the uncharted territories of your soul together.

Coaching with me


In our coaching sessions, we aim to catalyze profound transformation in your life.

Our focus is to help you connect with your soul's purpose and unleash your innate power.

We guide you through the maze of life's challenges and emotions, offering fresh perspectives and tools to manifest your highest potential.

Our clients often experience increased clarity, emotional freedom, improved relationships, and a newfound sense of purpose. You'll walk away from each session invigorated, focused, and more aligned with your true self, ready to create a life that feels both meaningful and joyous.


Our coaching style is a harmonious blend of compassion and candor, fueled by a deep commitment to spiritual integrity. As a coaching duo, we bring the perspectives of both the feminine and masculine energies, offering a rich, balanced viewpoint.

We believe in meeting you where you are, then guiding you toward where you want to be, all while maintaining a safe space free from judgment.


Our approach is direct but kind, always aiming to cut through the noise and get to the heart of the matter. We don't engage in spiritual platitudes; we aim for real, tangible shifts. You can expect each session to be a mix of deep introspective work, practical life coaching, and transformative spiritual practices. Together, we explore the complexities of life and the beauty of your soul, helping you find your own answers within.



Soul Alignment Sessions: These are 90-minute one-on-one sessions, either with one or both of us, where we dive deep into identifying your core issues and areas that need alignment. Expect illuminating discussions and spiritual exercises that connect you to your inner essence. Single session and package options are available.

Life Transitions Guidance: Moving through significant life changes? We offer 60-minute sessions tailored to guide you through life’s monumental shifts, from career moves to relationship changes. Available as single sessions or in a package of 5 for more continuous support.

Spiritual Awakening Program: This is a 3-month long intensive program designed for those earnestly seeking spiritual growth. Consists of bi-weekly 90-minute sessions, supplemental exercises, and unlimited email support. Expect full-on spiritual immersion.

Emotional Resilience Building: These are 60-minute sessions aimed at empowering you to navigate emotional challenges with grace and resilience. Best availed as a package of 6 sessions for sustained development.

Couples Spiritual Coaching: Ideal for couples seeking deeper emotional and spiritual connection. These 2-hour sessions are designed to fortify your relationship on a soul level. We recommend a minimum package of 4 sessions for tangible results.

Experience, Certifications and Training


Having weathered a myriad of life's ups and downs, we are no strangers to the complexities of the human experience. In our years of individual exploration, we've acquired a treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom, spanning everything from academic studies to intuitive practices. Professionally, our careers have been equally diverse. From leadership roles in fast-paced industries to years spent delving into spiritual practices, we've seen the gamut.

What sets us apart, however, is not just what we've learned but what we've lived. We've both faced challenges that have brought us to our knees and joys that have lifted us to the clouds. This spectrum of experiences has enabled us to connect deeply with the Source, helping us to understand the essence of what it means to be human.

Our journey has been one of unyielding search for truth, an attribute that has allowed us to guide our clients with a balanced and honest approach. We offer more than just coaching; we offer a partnership in your journey toward self-discovery, growth, and ultimately, the peaceful co-existence with your own soul.

When you engage with us, you're not just getting a coach. You're gaining access to years of life wisdom, professional experience, and most importantly, a sincere wish to see you flourish in every aspect of your life.

Fee description

Fees: from $185 USD to $300 USD

Our coaching fees are designed to accommodate various levels of commitment and need. Single sessions start at €185/hr, with a special long-term rate of €85/hr when you commit to a package of 10 or more. Intensive, specialized programs range up to €300/hr, offering deep, transformational experiences. We provide high value in each session, aiming for impactful, lasting changes in your life. Flexible payment plans are available for all packages. Choose the investment that resonates with your journey.


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