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seeking to create more harmony in a personal or professional relationship
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FEES from $60 USD to $80 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Having me as a coach for your professional or personal relationship will give you the time to focus and space to interact from a mindset of possibility. I will support you seeing everything - even seeming setbacks and obstacles - as necessary steps towards the achievement of your goals. But perhaps the greatest gift I can offer you is the gift of an objective and expanded perspective.

In this fast paced life it is easy to get distracted in the day to day details of our lives, and to allow a foiled plan or even a bad day to bring our forward momentum to a halt.
Having me as a coach will be invaluable because I will both literally and figurative - call for much needed time out.

During our weekly coaching sessions, I will provide you with an opportunity to remember the big picture, to reconnect with your external goals and to become more mindful of the vastness of your inner resources. By deliberately focusing on the future, we will move forward, thereby creating the future you choose.


One to one coaching session, Initial consultation to discuss your goals, aims and present circumstances. Initially book for six sessions £360.00.

If we need to tailor make then we will find out at the initial consultation.
This can be done either on FaceTime, SKYPE or any other means
Short courses or group coaching
Happy to work with one to three members if a family is involved to be tailor made
Ongoing training
To be decided after initial six sessions

Fee description

Fees: from $60 USD to $80 USD

Free initial consultation to discuss weekly sessions. Initial one hour a week or more if needed. Full payment of the six hour session will get 15% discount For instance
£70 X 6 = £420 - £63 = Total payment £357


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