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Zoe Miller

Seattle, Washington, United States

Momma and certified relationship and parenting coach.

Life coach Relationship coach

FEES to $600 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I am a momma who has personal experience with postpartum anxiety and extensive knowledge on Gentle/Attachment Parenting.

I am passionate about helping parents cultivate a secure and loving emotional attachment with their children and encouraging other important adults in your child's life to get on board with your parenting style.

My belief is that children learn emotional regulation by being supported through their big feelings. The goal is to raise kind, secure and emotionally intellegent people.

I have experience in helping:



-Toddler behavior

-Preschool and Grade school behavior

-Communicating needs

-Focusing on being present

-Working moms

-Stay at home moms

-Food adversions in kids

-Positive discipline

-Talking to children about race

-Betime Solutions

...And more!


I can't wait to meet you!



For parents:

Pay as you go sessions- $100/session

10 Pack- $750

20 Pack- $1,400

*All sessions are 60 minutes via Zoom


Short courses or group coaching

60 minute group parenting session- $50

For non-parents:

8 Week training course in positive discipline as a non-parent adult- $1500

Grandparents Class- 3 Sessions $250

Workshops for companies- $600 per 8 hour day


Fee description

Fees: to $600 USD


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