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Assessments Should Be a Vital Part of Your Coaching Business

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Self assessments are a valuable aspect of life coaching. You need to help your clients look into themselves. 

If you want your clients to get the most they can from your coaching, you should incorporate coaching forms and assessments. Self-assessments, progress assessments, quizzes, and other evaluations are great ways for your clients to determine their goals and values and to see if they are really working to achieving these aims.


As a life coach, you are helping to guide your clients on a path of self-discovery and personal development. On this coaching journey, I’m sure you hope that you are guiding your clients in the right direction—but you can do more than just hope. You can use assessments to help make sure both you and your client are aimed in the right direction.

To have a coaching business that makes a maximum impact for your clients, you need to incorporate a variety of coaching forms and assessments. These assessments should be an integral part of the coaching you offer to each and every one of your clients, as they can be highly beneficial.



Assessments should be used throughout your entire coaching relationship with your client. By using coaching forms and assessments, you and your clients are able to find a path that can help them grow and evolve into the people they are meant to be.

Before you even get started coaching, a self-assessment performed by your client can be quite telling. By asking a client to take an assessment, such as evaluating their goals for the next six months, they will get started with some personal discovery that can illustrate where they are now in life and where they want to be.

Good self-assessments with a new client can help those you work with to honestly identify their goals and values, pinpointing what it is that they truly want. You can use the information from these early coaching forms and assessments to help guide them to becoming who they want to be.

As you continue working with a client, you should ask your clients to do a progress assessment periodically. These continuing self-assessments can be examined in light of earlier personal evaluations that can let your clients easily see their personal growth and development.

You can also ask your clients to do a progress assessment or a special quiz that looks at a particular area of life that they are trying to focus in on. If you have a client who is trying to strike a better balance between the time they spend at work and with their family, you could offer a Work/Life Balance assessment to examine this issue.

Coaching forms and assessments that are tailored to look at a specific issue can help to get a client to move beyond obstacles that may be hindering their growth and the achievement of their goals.


In your coaching business, you want your clients to get the most from your coaching and from life, and self-assessments are one way to be sure that this is happening.

By asking your clients to complete assessments, you are able to track their progress and pinpoint areas that may need more focus and development. After your clients complete coaching forms, you can change course in your coaching so that you can be a greater help in lifting your client up to be who they are striving to be.

These assessments can also help you to see where the coach/client relationship should go. You can see how much aid and involvement a client wants from you, and you are able to get an early start in creating a game plan to help them to reach their dreams by working on their blocks and other impediments to success.

Coaching forms and assessments also benefit your clients by offering them further motivation. Self-assessments will help your clients realize how far they have come, and can help them to see how far they still need to go. By taking note of where they are on this path, they will become a better partner toward their own success.


The coaching assessments and forms you use in your coaching business are a great tool in helping you and your clients to identify and work toward their aims and desires. They allows you to be more effective as a life coach, and help your clients move closer to reaching their own success. As a life coach, your aim is to help your clients grow and develop, reaching their optimum potential to live their best lives, and these assessments are the ultimate tool for you to see if you are indeed guiding them in the right direction.

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