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Mastering Life Coach Social Media Content: How To Write Posts That Convert Into Clients

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Storytelling Is A Powerful Marketing Tool

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There are a lot of ways to capture coaching clients online; however, there is no better way than creating engaging, easy-to-read, and solution-focused content. Surely, a life coach may share a lot of actionable insights on how to improve some of the things that prevent us from achieving what we want to achieve; yet, how to make your readers not only read your posts but use your professional services?

In this article, we have put together an effective step-by-step guide.

Start by Identifying Your Ideal Customer

Perhaps, you have heard this advice more than once, which is one more proof in favor of its importance. Writing your posts with your target audience in mind is already half the success. You should be as specific as possible, and that’s why you should take on more look at your target customers before creating your content strategy and answer the following questions:

  • Who are they?
  • What’s their age, gender, and location?
  • What are the most prominent psychology features they have in common?
  • What do they think about life coaching as the opportunity to change their lives for the better?
  • What may make them trust you?
  • Are they ready to pay for your services, and what are their solvency levels?

Also, there is one more question you need to answer before getting started on your writing.


Proceed to His/Her Pain Points

Identifying the pain points of your target customers is essential for a successful posting strategy. You should ask yourself what specific life problems your audience has. The answer to this question will allow you to segment your users and create your content following some logical clusters.

For example, after doing research,  you may find out that there are three pain points your target users have:

  • They are prone to procrastination
  • They would like to change their jobs but are afraid of uncertainty
  • They would like to improve their communication skills.

With these insights in your pocket, you may start writing logical posts devoted to each problem. Plus, it may happen if your target audience's pain points will be quite interconnected, so you will be able to showcase yourself as a specialist able to help with each of them.

Write Your Posts With a Sales Funnel in Mind

After you are clear about the problem you are going to help your readers and potential customers with, let’s structure your future content according to the sales funnel. To put it simply, each user who visits your page go through the following buying cycle stages:

  • Need. At this stage, the visitors realize they need to change something, such as their habit of procrastinating.

  • Awareness. At this stage, they are discovering how to achieve the desired results: either independently, with the help of a life coach, or by combining both methods.
  • Consideration. At this stage, your potential customers think about the need to hire you one more time by carefully measuring and analyzing all the pros and cons.
  • Purchase. This is the stage we were striving for - the customer makes a deal.
  • Post-purchase. After getting a positive experience and solving the problem, the customer may get in touch with you one more time to proceed with improving their life.

Thus, when creating content that converts readers into customers, you should follow the logic above and provide your visitors with the answers they need at a specific stage. For example, you can’t sell them your services at the stage of the need. At this stage, you should share this need with them, show your understanding and compassion, and gradually move them to the stage of awareness, i.e., provide some advice on how they can get started with solving their problem.

Don’t Provide All the Answers

Even though your goal is to build a trusting relationship with your readers, you shouldn’t provide all the answers in your blog or social media posts. Otherwise, you will have nothing to sell for money. Thus, you should balance the insights you are sharing quite wisely, and on the one side, confirm your expertise but on the other side, still tell your readers they need personalized work with you to achieve the results you are striving for. Use the techniques below to sell your services in your posts.

Focus on Benefits but Don’t Promise It Will Be Easy

One of the most effective ways to make somebody do something is to show them why they need it and what benefits will wait for them on the way. Try to focus on benefits when writing the content your users will read on the awareness and consideration stages since these two stages are crucial for the final decision-making.

For example, suppose you write an article about the problem of changing a job for those who are afraid to do it, then, in addition to a well-developed job changing strategy. In that case, you may motivate your users to take action by highlighting the following benefits:

  • start your every morning without the pressing feeling of the need to go to the place you don’t want to go to;
  • feel the value you are generating;
  • invest your love, heart, and soul in the job you are doing;
  • make other people’s lives better;
  • develop professional skills and become able of monetizing them;
  • stop wasting your life on the things that bring neither satisfaction nor happiness and harmony.

However, you still shouldn't tell your customers that the life-changing path will be easy. It will be challenging since taking action always requires us to be proactive and courageous, but you are here to help them on the way.

Make Them Feel Emotions

After you have highlighted the benefits your customers may get by deciding to change and/or improve their lives, you should make them feel the right emotions. B2C services are still emotion-driven, and this is especially true when it comes to life coaching. Perhaps, many of your customers decided to get started with changing their lives under the influence of impulsive emotions and have never regretted it.

Thus, you should make your readers feel the same by using psychological tricks like “What will happen if you do it? And what will happen if you never decide to do it?”, “What are you going to lose?” etc. Such tricks make people feel that they are quite able to change their life and the clear idea of the necessity to do it right now makes them take action.

Share Some Stories

Storytelling is a powerful marketing tool, and it may also perfectly work for promoting life-coaching services. For example, you may ask some of your loyal customers for permission to tell their stories while changing their names, and it will work as a great social proof.

P.S. You may also come up with a testimonials section on your website, ask your customers to share their feedback, and cite them in your articles. People tend to believe people; they would like to know that somebody with the same problem has successfully coped with them with the help of your support and professional assistance.

Use a Lead Magnet

You should also be ready for the fact that even despite all your content writing efforts, some of your potential customers may need more time to make a decision.  However, it would be best if you still stayed in touch with them while thinking about improving their lives and the necessity to hire you as their professional guide.

For such cases, using lead magnets through your content makes a lot of sense. What’s more, you may approach lead magnet creation as creatively as possible since the main goal is to get the user’s email in exchange for something valuable. To capture such difficulty to convert customers, you should bet not only on content creation but also on email marketing campaigns.

For example, you may create a test that will help the customers to identify what they need to change and improve about their life, and on its basis, you will be able to start the conversation via email newsletter and after a while, offer a personalized life coaching service.

End Your Post With the Right Call to Action

Let’s take one more look at our Need-Awareness-Consideration-Purchase cycle. To capture such difficulty in converting customers, you should bet on content creation and email marketing campaigns.

For example, if you are explaining to your customers the need to change something about their life, at the end of the post you may suggest some other related materials to discover. At the Awareness stage, you may suggest reading your customers' personal stories or their testimonials to help your readers make sure you really help. At the Purchase stage, your content should redirect him to the Book a Consultation page, or at least add with the form to contact you.


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Thus, writing posts that will convert readers into clients isn’t as difficult as it may seem. The most important thing is to follow clear logic and relate each piece of your writing with your users' intent at the moment. Also, don’t forget to sound professional and share something valuable for free  - these are some of the most effective ways to win the trust of the audience and guide them through your sales funnel.


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