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Success Stories You Can Apply To Your Own Life Or Business

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Anything in your life or business

Helping the business grow

Several years ago, when the market was going through an amazing amount of flux and financial advisors were going through one of the most challenging times in decades, we helped a client grow his business 25% per year every year in a flat market. Even more importantly, in the principal’s own words, “you helped me build my organization in my own way.” This is very important to him. He doesn’t want to be told what to do. He wants us to help him bring out his own best. There’s a huge difference.

When we first started our relationship, we took a very proactive look with him at specifically what was working well and what was not working the way he wanted it to. It’s important to get specific and detailed regarding what’s working well. 

Often, the business owner is so entrenched into the daily fires and operations that they don’t have a clear understanding of what’s working and what isn’t. We helped him evaluate his own strengths and the strengths of his business. He began to realize that every organization has something that’s not functioning optimally, even if you’re not aware of it.  We also identified where his business has had its greatest successes and what was happening to create those successes.

Next, we helped him understand where he was in his own way.  Most business owners are their own biggest obstacle from time to time. It can be from having too many fires, being pulled in too many directions, attitude or behavior issues, overwhelm, or a host of other things. We helped him see where he was the problem and worked on strategies to overcome.

He stated that our one on one coaching sessions provided him with an environment where he could “think out loud.” This made a big difference for him, as it helped him see possibilities he wasn’t seeing and to brain storm strategies with someone he trusts.

Then we worked with him to create the behavior and activity changes that would grow his business. It’s often nearly impossible to create real and lasting change without outside help. He was then able to see what needed to be done, monitor progress, and deal with old issues in a new way. He no longer felt bogged down.

Finally, we helped him devise the strategies to do away with the things that were not working or moving his business forward. 

  • He solely focused on the activities and strategies that were measurably growing his business.
  • He completely eliminated the irrelevant activities that he had previously engaged in.

He was amazed at how much of his time had been taken up on things that did not require his attention or were not moving him forward. He now operates in a much more efficient and profitable way.

how the process of ELIMINATION can help you succeed

This next idea sounds so obvious, but it’s something that people have a real challenge with.  Let me explain… We’ve had a number of clients over the years that voiced their displeasure that they were being pulled in a million different directions. There’s always fires to put out, employee issues, deadlines, client challenges, etc. One particular client was suffering from this sense of helplessness of being yanked all over the place. He was barely staying afloat and growth was stagnant.

Working with us, he created a strategy that has worked very well. It has truly changed his business life. We call it “the elimination of the unacceptable.” It’s really tough to do but once implemented, this strategy will provide you a strong sense of relief and productivity. 

Anything in your life or business that is unacceptable needs to be eliminated. 

  • Toxic employee
  • Toxic clients
  • Bad habits
  • Bad products
  • Useless relationships

You name it.  It’s amazing how many unacceptable things we allow to accumulate in our businesses.

The unacceptable doesn’t necessarily mean bad or wrong. It simply means anything that does not clearly fit into your vision or goals.

It sounds so simple. But for various reasons, we often fail to act. It could be emotional reasons, hurt feelings, routine, overwhelm. But when you start to truly consider this concept, you’ll find that the unacceptable things are likely taking up much more of your time and energy than they deserve.


How do you identify the unacceptable?

  • Look closely at all your relationships. Are there any that are a total energy drain?  Are there people that take up a lot more of your time than is necessary? Are there people that you can’t rely on to do what they say they’ll do?
  • Look closely at the performance, attitude, and body language of your employees. Are they all working up to standards? Are there any toxic personalities n your company?
  • Look closely at your own behaviors. Are you as productive as you need to be?  How’s your attitude?  Are you clear about where your business is headed?
  • Look closely at your customers. Are there any that take up a huge amount of your time? Are there customers that are not profitable? Are there customers that are too difficult to deal with
  • Look closely at your life and business. 

You’ll find that there are probably a lot of unacceptable things that have just become part of your life.  When you eliminate them, you’ll see your level of productivity skyrocket.


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