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Employee Satisfaction: Upside Down

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One thing that every employee really wants from their organization is to have an input into the decisions that affect their jobs.

Great organizations spend as much time listening to the people who do the job, as they do to the management and directional teams that choose what job will be done. You can create forums for discussion easily and cheaply, regular weekly meetings between senior level management and shop/office floor workers can generate great ideas for productivity too.

Action step:Why not book an hour in your diary to meet with some of the people who do the work?

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  • Alexis Jr
    May 06, 2013

    It's very true. I do not hold a managerial position but I have excellent superiors. We spend two hours a week tossing around ideas and feedback. As an employee, I really appreciate this from management and feel greatly valued as an employee. This aides in motivation and productivity.

  • Elena Trump
    May 07, 2013

    This is something most managers fail to realize-- that employee motivation can be improved when they are appreciated. I agree that employers need to make time to get to know their people. When you socially invest in employees, they will appreciate your leadership and charisma and perform well.

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