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The Call of a Christian Life Coach

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Is being a Christian life coach your calling?

Being a Christian Life Coach isn’t for everyone. It’s a messy job. It means diving soul deep into the muck and mire of people’s lives, their inner worlds, their chaos. But it also means celebrating soul-deep when they emerge out the other side… triumphant.

I love that moment. The revelation’s come. The aha moment. It can take so many forms, but I know it when I see it. Or hear it. The widening of the eyes. The sudden lift in the voice. Breakthrough.

It’s like a beam of light shining suddenly on a very dark corner of someone’s soul. Everything that was… is suddenly…different. Nothing has changed externally. But internally, EVERYTHING has shifted. Perception. Understanding. Insight. It’s all new. He knows it. I know it.

Then comes the fun part. Seeing that person move forward to do what she couldn’t do before. I wouldn’t say it’s effortless. But it’s POSSIBLE. That’s the incredible part. What wasn’t possible—what kept that person looping for years or even decades—now is doable. Just like that.

It’s a great feeling to be part of something so transformative.

People are amazing creations. They have the capacity to accomplish so much. They just need someone to give them a hand over the inner barriers that hold them back.

That’s what I do as a Christian Life Coach.

It’s my call.

Is it yours?

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  • Coach Heather Hobbs
    Heather Hobbs
    December 16, 2014

    Yes! I am also a Christian Life Coach and truly enjoy sharing the word of God and seeing how the Holy Spirit changes their hearts!

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