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Your Guide for Turning Business Dreams Into Entrepreneurial Success


A Business Coach Can Help

If you are looking for help with getting a new business up and running, having a startup guide like this one can help take some of the uncertainty and anxiety out of the equation. With it, you will know which steps to take and which mistakes to avoid.

Whether you need inspiration in your personal or professional life, we can match you with an experienced coach who can help you turn inspiration into real action. Also, check out the business coaching resources and articles, which can be helpful in making your dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur come true. Get ready to dive in and learn more about turning your business plans into action!

Planning for a Successful New Business

Having a plan can help you succeed. This is true in life and in business. This is why having a coach by your side as you begin this new chapter of your professional life is beneficial. An experienced business coach will help you come up with the right plan from the start by:

  • Helping you zero in on your best ideas
  • Getting you to pick the right business goals
  • Helping you communicate goals to others
  • Using insider tips to develop the best strategies

With a business coach, you will be held accountable for these must-have steps, which can help keep you on track and motivated to tackle the next steps for your business:

Writing a Formal Business Plan

A business coach can help you outline your business plans — but you also need to put some thought into those plans and commit them into writing. You can use a template to make writing your business plan less work, but you should put some effort into getting the details of this important step just right. Some sections you will need to include in your business plan are:

  • An executive summary of your ideas and plans
  • Thorough industry research, data, and analysis
  • An attainable and realistic timeline for reaching goals

Choosing a Business Entity

After you’ve created a plan, you consider creating an LLC. An LLC, or limited liability company, is simple to establish and will provide these perks for your new business:

  • Protection for your personal assets
  • Fewer taxes than a corporation
  • No risk of double taxation

Creating a Business Budget

Next up is your budget. Much like business plans, you can find plenty of tips and templates to make creating your own small business budget effortless. You need these online guides because missing even the most trivial detail can throw off your plans.

Securing Startup Funding

You have a budget squared away, but how are you planning to cover all of the startup costs included? If you’re like many entrepreneurs, you may be thinking about self-funding. But there are also other ways to finance your business dreams, including these creative options:

  • Enter your business plan into a competition
  • Secure micro-financing from business groups
  • Ask social connections for help via crowdfunding

You can also go the more traditional route and apply for a small business startup loan. Using the link and template above to complete your business plan will make this step less of a hassle. In fact, you will likely need a business plan to secure funding via a small business loan.


Turning Your Business Plan Into Action

You have a plan and a budget. You’ve even made the effort to secure startup funds. Now what? It’s time to put those plans and goals to work and build a thriving and successful small business! This part can be a little nerve-wracking, but these insider tips can help:

Getting That First Customer

Wondering how to attract your very first customers? How about the first 10? A good, old-fashioned spreadsheet can be your best friend here, and you can use it to begin organizing information about potential prospects. Some other tools for finding new customers include:

  • Industry associations, both local and online
  • Community forums, events, and gatherings
  • Specialized directories and conferences
  • Lead generation efforts

You may need to send a cold email to these potential clients, so make sure you sound warm and welcoming! Also, check out each company’s website to see if you can identify a clear issue and provide a practical solution. You want to showcase the value of your services and products.

Developing Marketing Strategies

After you’ve landed that first handful of customers, you can begin expanding your reach. Marketing is key here, so you should put some thought and time into coming up with actionable and attainable marketing goals for your business. Identify your target audience and come up with a reasonable marketing budget and you should be in business.

Choosing the right marketing channels is also crucial. Here are the best options for startups:

  • Business websites or landing pages
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Content creation and sharing
  • Social media marketing

As expected, online marketing is usually the most economic and impactful marketing approach for entrepreneurs and small businesses. However, having printed business cards and an elevator pitch ready can also help you make the most of offline marketing opportunities.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur shouldn’t also require you to become a detective or a magician. If you want to cut out some of the mystery, you just need to spend some time coming up with a plan and taking care of a few essential startup steps, such as writing out a thoughtful business plan, establishing an LLC, and coming up with marketing strategies. From there, you should be able to turn your ideas into action without all of the stress and fuss!

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