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10 Common Excuses Keeping You From Getting Paid Clients: Part II

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Have the Courage to Embrace Your Fears

A Recap of common excuses keeping you from getting paid clients 1-3

Welcome back! Last time we talked, I walked you through 3 sneaky sabotaging excuses that are keeping you from getting paying clients.

They were:

  1. People can do this on their own…
  2. Can I really get them the results I promise?
  3. My audience doesn’t have any money…

If you missed Excuses 1-3, you can read the previous article.

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More excuses (4-7)

Let’s jump right back in and talk about 3 more really great excuses (and by really great, I mean your monkey mind is great at helping you use them) keeping you from getting paying clients.

excuse #4 keeping you from geting paid clients:

  • Excuse #4 - I don’t know enough, I’m not good enough (All the “not enough” excuses!)

If you’ve been in the planning stages FOREVER, you might want to look at your unconscious motives.

There’s only so much reading, researching, studying and planning you can do.

taking action

Don’t be afraid when I talk about action.

Most of it will be inner action, but you know there’s some practical outer actions you have to take too.

  • Inspired action is what you’re reaching for.
  • You just can’t keep “being busy.” Busy does not necessarily equal clients.
  • At some point you’ve just gotta get behind the wheel and learn to drive by… driving!

There’s something more important than thinking you need to learn one more thing and that’s… IMPLEMENTATION.

Granted you’ll still want to learn new things along the way, but you can’t keep waiting before you start.

So if you find yourself taking another class or reading another book or searching for the golden ring online, I would suggest that you look at your motives.

What are you afraid of?

Here’s a snippet of some deep questions from an exercise I UBER love by Hans Phillips.

I would suggest you ask yourself.

These aren’t pretty questions but it will make you more aware of what survival mechanisms you’re using that are holding you back.

Here they are…

  • What are you afraid people are going to find out or decide about you? (e.g., “I’m weird, unlovable, unworthy, undeserving, lazy and stupid)
  • If people found out that you were any or all of the above, what do you think would happen to you? (e.g., “I’d be abandoned, rejected, humiliated, thrown out.”)
  • What do you do so that people don’t find out or decide that you are (fill in the blank with answers from question 1)______,________, _________, __________? These “doings” may include thinking, feeling or physical responses, for instance, “I get sick, I feel guilty that I’m not good enough, I think about ways to better myself.” This also includes things that are generally considered actions. I laugh a lot, I procrastinate, I look busy, I ride my bike and do other physical activity, I meditate.

 And here’s where you give those vulnerable answers:

  • What I do so that people don’t find out or decide this about me is I… 

These are all the ways you cover up your fears. These are your survival mechanisms. It’s time to have the courage to embrace your fears. Love them so they can stop bothering the hell outta you, turn your attention to something that brings you joy and then move on.

Easier said than done, I know.

Excuse #5 keeping you from geting paid clients:

  • Excuse #5 With so many coaches out there, why would anyone hire me?

I get it. It seems like everywhere you look everybody and their momma is a coach, especially if you scour the internet.

You’ll see that coaching peeps abound.

It’s true, coaching is a booming industry, but the question is why?

Do you think it’s simply for the money?

Well money is one important piece.

But where you find coaches, you’ll often find people who are seeking freedom.

  • Who want to live life on their own terms.
  • You’ll find people who truly want to make a difference in the world.
  • You’ll find people with wonderful gifts who feel they’ve just gotta share.
  • You’ll find a deep desire to help people transform their lives.

Granted you’ll find some jackholes in any industry but those people are few and far between and you need not concern yourself with them.

Do you know how many lawyers, doctors, teachers, and other professions exist on this planet.

I don’t hear anyone worrying that any of those industries are saturated?

Why? Because for some “odd” reason people feel we need them…

Well it looks like the world is saying yes to coaches too. We need you!

Statistically. those other professions still exceed the number of coaches there currently are anyway.

So you need not worry, the coaching profession isn’t going anywhere.

When you’re a new coach however, I can understand your concern about this.

You look around and see all the top coaches partnering with each other, sharing each others work with the masses and you think “Why in the hell would anyone listen to me or open my emails when they’ve got all these superstars in their inbox everyday?”

It can feel like they’ve got the coaching game sewed up, but I promise you they don’t.

People need coaches

You don’t have to wait til’ the superstars die off or wait til’ you think you’ve got all your shit together to help people.

Show me someone who’s got all their stuff together every moment of every day and I’ll show you a person who’s not really livin!’

But besides all this we have to take into consideration how the world is changing.

People are more open and aware than ever and we have to give some credit to the coaching industry for ushering in this new age of self-awareness and consciousness.

People want to feel on purpose in their lives.

They are more aware than ever that they’ve been getting in their own way, and if they could just find someone to help them get past these fears and back into aligned action, oh how their life would change.

You my dear are unique. You’re not exactly like anyone else and you never need to pretend you are.

It's not about making yourself...

  • More marketable
  • More likeable
  • More loveable
  • More worthy
  • More nothing

It’s just a matter of you accepting and sharing your own personal story with your audience/tribe/peeps.

And besides if you have the desire within you to coach and facilitate transformation then the Universe has the path to bring to you everything you need to do that… and that means clients just for YOU!!!

Clients who are a match for you.

excuse #6 keeping you from geting paid clients:

Which brings me to good ol’ Excuse #6… “Is this audience the right audience for who I am?”

Just because there is an abundance of people who may need your help, that doesn’t mean they’re all YOUR ideal clients.

They most certainly ALL are NOT!

Choose the right clients for you

Imagine for a moment that your coaching practice was full of clients, but they were all the “wrong” clients.

And by wrong I mean, they were demanding, expected you to do all the work, super needy, whiny as hell, no sense of humor, didn’t respect your time, didn’t do the work, etc.

You know the ones.

What if you’re coaching biz was full of headache, pain in the ass clients?

  • They’d drain your energy.
  • You’d end up resenting them.
  • You’d end up resenting your work.
  • You’d end up resenting yourself.
  • It would suck the life and passion out of you quickly.

Your job… To get as clear as you can from where you currently are as to who you’d LOVE to work with.

  • You DO get to choose, you know.
  • You want people who are a match to who you are.
  • You want people who fuel your passion for what you do.
  • You want those who inspire you to do your best work.
  • You want those that help you transform through helping them.
  • You want those who crack you the hell up.  [🙂]
  • Your Soul Clients (Mr. or Ms. Right Client as I like to call them) do exist!

In our final upcoming installment of the “10 common mistakes” series we'll talk about the last 4 touchy subjects (excuses) that keep you from getting a paid client.

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