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Why Would Anyone Hire a Business Coach?

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Why Would Anyone Hire a Business Coach?

I’m pretty sure nobody has ever woken up and said, I need a business coach. Often times when you meet someone that says they are a coach, you might think “you are unemployed”, “you are a know it all”, “I don’t care, you are annoying”, “who the heck would ever hire you?”, or something along the lines that makes you think it’s a waste of time and money or something someone else buys.

The term business coach is generic. People are often surprised to find out that a coach is really someone who allows you to think out loud. Someone who helps you solve your everyday/daunting issues that make you feel isolated, frustrated, or afraid. They give you a place to talk about the things you can’t talk about anywhere but need to talk about.

A good coach does more than talk and listen, they will also help you find and implement the solution on your terms.

Business owners need to show the persona that they are in control and have it figured out to their employees, clients, prospects, at networking events. But let’s face it, sometimes you don’t feel in control, sometimes you don’t have the answer, and sometimes you just want someone to help you. That’s why someone would hire a coach. When was the last time someone listened intently without judgement to what you had to say for an hour?





  • Aitesam Ahmef
    July 31, 2018



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