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What is a Wellness coach?

A wellness coach has special training to help you find more joy and fulfillment. You'll learn to tune into positive thoughts instead of negative ones. Your coach will give you tools to replace problems with solutions, and teach you how to be mindful. Mindfulness leads to less stress, better energy and greater clarity.

What does a Wellness coach do?

A wellness coach guides you toward happiness, harmony and fulfillment. Your coach will help you discover what inner feelings are causing your wellness difficulties and help you adopt a more beneficial mindset. Your coach will spot your self-defeating habits and teach you how to escape from the rut of being run down and dissatisfied. You'll learn to laugh instead of feeling anxious and drained. Your coach plays the crucial role of keeping you focused on your wellness plan.

Do I need a Wellness coach?

If you find yourself floundering whenever you attempt to tackle your issues like stress, weight, or decline in energy, then the expertise of a wellness coach can empower you with a fresh perspective. You will gain access to a supportive professional who can show you the path to greater well being on your best terms.


Wellness coaches

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  • Coach Michelle Brown United States $100 - $1000 USD Contact me

    Michelle Brown

    Free Call!
    CLC, Bachelor in Psychology,

    Positive Psychology and Thought Based approach to Coaching & Counseling

  • Coach Head Pain Institute United States $300 - $1100 USD Contact me

    Head Pain Institute

    Free Call!

    As a leading TMJ & migraine treatment provider in Arizona.

  • Coach Wendy wass United States $25 - $100 USD Contact me

    Wendy wass

    Free Call!
    MSW, certified relationship coach,

    I have been a social worker for over 20 years as well as a certified relationship coach . I provide

  • Coach Seaton Springwood United States   Contact me

    Seaton Springwood

    Free Call!
    Senior Living in York, PA

    Seaton Springwood specializes in family-oriented senior living in York, PA.

  • Coach Discovery Village At Twin Creeks United States $123 - $456 USD Contact me

    Discovery Village At Twin Creeks

    Free Call!

    Discovery Village At Twin Creeks provides stylish senior living facilities in Texas.

  • Coach Spring Mill Senior Living United States $123 - $456 USD Contact me

    Spring Mill Senior Living

    Free Call!

    At Spring Mill Senior Living, we aim to provide our senior residents with a friendly community.

  • Coach Discovery Village At Westchase United States $123 - $456 USD Contact me

    Discovery Village At Westchase

    Free Call!

    Discovery Village at Westchase is the premiere choice for Assisted Living & Memory Care in Tampa, FL

  • Coach Conservatory At Plano United States $123 - $456 USD Contact me

    Conservatory At Plano

    Free Call!

    Conservatory At Plano is a trusted and reputable retirement community in Plano, TX.

  • Coach Mariposa Senior Living United States $123 - $456 USD Contact me

    Mariposa Senior Living

    Free Call!

    Mariposa senior living is an exquisite retirement community in Lake Worth, FL.

  • Coach TerraBella Sugarloaf United States $123 - $456 USD Contact me

    TerraBella Sugarloaf

    Free Call!

    TerraBella Sugarloaf is a world-class senior living facility in Georgia.

  • Coach Country Club At Woodland Hills United States $123 - $456 USD Contact me

    Country Club At Woodland Hills

    Free Call!

    Country Club At Woodland Hills is a stylish retirement community In Tulsa, OK.

  • Coach TerraBella Windsor Lake United States $123 - $456 USD Contact me

    TerraBella Windsor Lake

    Free Call!

    TerraBella Windsor Lake is a great place to start exploring senior living options in Columbia, SC.

  • Coach Conservatory At Keller Town Center United States $123 - $456 USD Contact me

    Conservatory At Keller Town Center

    Free Call!

    Conservatory At Keller Town Center offers retirement services to active seniors who want all the adv

  • Coach Discovery Village At Stuart United States $123 - $456 USD Contact me

    Discovery Village At Stuart

    Free Call!

    Discovery Village At Stuart offers all-inclusive senior living options in Stuart, Florida. Our commu

  • Coach TerraBella Southern Pines United States $123 - $456 USD Contact me

    TerraBella Southern Pines

    Free Call!

    As a reputed retirement community in Southern Pines, NC, TerraBella Southern Pines is perfect for ar

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How can a Wellness coach help me?

Even if you see how your frame of mind is dragging you down, it's still hard to do something about it by yourself. That pessimistic voice in your head sabotages your attempts to change. Your habits feel safe to you and are easy to fall back on. And if you're suffering from low energy, it's hard to even think about what to do to help yourself. You might not even know where to start with the knots in your attitude that have you tied up in a funk. This is when the wellness coach makes all the difference.

Your coach will bring you fresh ideas and help you build new habits for happiness. With this support you'll keep going and overcome setbacks. You won't be alone when you get discouraged. And most importantly you'll have someone there to applaud your progress.

Coaching is about building new habits that support your future wellness so you can truly be:

  • Calm, not stressed
  • Creative, not empty
  • Joyful, not bitter
  • Happy, not angry
  • Peaceful, not resentful

Five great reasons to hire a Wellness coach

Your inner peace is the basis of your physical health. A higher energy level will naturally come from taking more joy in each day.
When you learn to be mindful of your feelings, you'll start to make better decisions for yourself. This leads to even more happiness.
It's time to break the vicious cycle of judging yourself or blaming others for your stress. A wellness coach will turn you toward a positive future.
You have talents and deserve to find a way to achieve clarity of mind. Then you can become fulfilled by offering your best to the world.
When you learn to focus on the positive, your normal emotions about life's ups and downs won't lead you around by the nose. Instead of living with problems you'll form the habit of seeking solutions.
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