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A good life coach will implement many different tools for helping you, such as telephone conversations, online interactions, journaling, goal-tracking, homework and assessments. At the same time, they will always center their approach around your specific preferences and needs, making it possible for you to take ownership of your behaviors, actions and life.



Journaling as a life coaching tool

Journaling is a great coaching tool. It allows you to express your thoughts and feelings constructively, work through coaching issues, gain greater self awareness and more. Your coach might choose to assign thought-provoking topics for you to write about based on the work you are doing together. Journaling has been shown to be effective in a number of regards, including providing focus, improving health, and reaching goals more quickly.

Journaling in coaching
Goal tracking in life coaching

Coaching is all about helping you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Setting goals and charting progress toward these goals is crucial in order to help you to know what you want, to create the motivation to achieve your aims, and to create a clear, actionable path to get there.

Goal-tracking in coaching
Life coaching homework assignments and action items

The key benefit of coaching is in helping you to create new strategies, behaviors and perspectives. Your coach asking you to take action is critical in this process, and setting homework is the perfect way to make taking action concrete. Your coach will set homework assignments that are specific and measurable, and which relate to the work you are doing in your coaching sessions. This creates accountability, giving you the push you need to follow through on your commitments and take action towards reaching your goals. Committing to action items and following through by responding to homework assignments is a proven way to reach your goals faster

Homework in coaching
Life coaching assessments and forms

Coaching is all about getting you from where you are at to where you would like to be. Assessments can take a reading of the current terrain to show your coach where you are at right now. They also allow your coach to plot a clear plan of action in your coaching to see where you want to be and how they can help get you there.

For instance, when first getting to know you, your coach might create an assessment to plot out a variety of areas, such as your values, your goals for the next six months or your personal statement. They will use these to guide your coaching work together. Along your coaching path, your coach might create assessments targeted towards particular action items. For instance, if you are struggling with stress from having too much to do, your coach might ask you to complete a Priorities and Time management assessment which charts where you spend the majority of your time, and if whether it is aligned with their values and priorities.

Assessments help you and your coach pinpoint obstacles, challenges and opportunities in your path towards achieving your goals. Coaching assessments are so valuable because they allow you to assess yourself, measure your own progress, and thus become a better partner towards your own success.

Coaching forms



Online coaching is similar to coaching with live interaction, except everything is done online. So instead of making appointments to talk to your coach, you'll agree to a regularly scheduled day when you submit a coaching progress report. When you report on your coaching progress, you'll be able to write about your successes, challenges, action items and goals.

Your coach can then respond to your progress, asking powerful questions to help you move forward in your coaching. You can then respond in turn, and you can have a meaningful coaching exchange, completely online.

Online coaching

In between coaching progress days, your coach can use all the other coaching tools to further your coaching progress. They may assign homework and action items to move you forward; get you journaling about issues that come up during your regular coaching work; assign assessments to take a reading of where you are and where you want to be; set goals in conjunction with you to help them reach success; create and make available further resources; request feedback to calibrate your coaching and target it to your specific needs.

Online coaching is an effective way of helping you to reach your success, and is easy to engage in using your Coaching Pad.




The Coaching Pad is where you interact with your coach and track your coaching sessions and your progress. Within the Coaching Pad you can see your appointments, plan and follow up on coaching sessions, access your journal, track your goals and milestones, view your homework assignments, post progress reports, submit assessments, view resources, learn more about your coach, leave feedback, and more. It's where you can access and use all your coaching tools.

Coaching Pad

Having all of this information in one place is extremely helpful. This is how you and your coach stay organized and focused on you and what you really want and need from your coaching sessions. It's all saved for you so you can review all your coaching work at any point. You can access it from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Your Coaching Pad can be found in your dashboard, at the top of the page. When you want to visit it, just click on the link for the on the link for the "Coaching and course pads" and select Coaching Pad.




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