Life coaching

Life coaching
Niche areas


Life coaches often specialize in a particular niche area which draws on their own specific expertise and skill-set. Following is a short summary of these niche areas.



Life coaching

Your life coach may have one or more specialized niche areas, but they will also be skilled at general life coaching techniques. Life coaching helps you work on areas that bring more balance, happiness and success into your life. You might work to improve aspects of your life such as stress management, self esteem, time management, organizational skills, goal-setting, work/life balance and interpersonal skills.

Health coaching, wellness coaching, fitness coaching

Your health coach, wellness coach or fitness coach will focus on improving areas of your wellbeing. They might help you create strategies for losing weight or getting in shape; ways to manage and come to terms with an illness; ways to reduce stress and increase your vitality.

Health coaching
Relationship coaching, dating coaching

Your relationship coach will help you create more successful relationships in your life. You can work one-on-one with a relationship coach, or in conjunction with your partner. You might work to improve communication, develop better strategies, create a more loving connection, or increase intimacy.

The related field of dating coaching is aimed at helping you attract a partner into your life. Your dating coach might work with you at overcoming shyness, approaching people you are interested in, or choosing the right mate.

Relationship coaching
Spiritual coaching

Spiritual coaching can be centered around a particular faith, such as Christian coaching, or be based more broadly on getting you in harmony with your spiritual nature.

Spiritual coaching
Family coaching, parenting coaching

Family coaching will help you to create healthy and happy family dynamics. You might work on improving communication, dealing with conflict or strengthening family ties. Parenting coaching helps you to develop your own resources for the challenging and rewarding job of being a parent. Parenting can be lonely without a good support network, and a parenting coach helps to fill that gap, giving you someone in your corner to cheer on your successes and help overcome difficulties.

Family coaching
Communication coaching, creativity coaching

Your communication coach will help you overcome any blocks in your ability to express yourself clearly and confidently. For instance, if you have a fear of public speaking, or are struggling to finish a book, communication coaching can help you overcome these. The related field of creativity coaching assists you in tapping into your inner creativity, and overcome any blocks.

Communication coaching
Image coaching

Your image coach will work with you to create winning strategies for creating a favorable and lasting impression with people in all areas of your life.

Image coaching
Retirement coaching

Your retirement coach can work with you before or after retirement. Before retirement, it's good to get advice on whether retirement is the right option for you, and to create a plan for retirement. After retirement, retirement coaching can help you deal successfully with the changes that accompany retirement, such as changes in friendship circles and income, and to create your idea retirement lifestyle.

Retirement coaching
Career coaching

Career coaching can help you to create positive strategies to find a job you love or be more content in your working life. Your career coach can guide you in getting a promotion, finding work-life balance, choosing the right career, and other related issues.

Career coaching
Business coaching

You might be starting a new business or wanting guidance in the business you currently operate. Your business coach can help you to launch a successful business, improve work processes, build successful teams, get the most from your employees, create more effective business practices, and so on.

Business coaching
Leadership coaching, performance coaching

Leadership coaching is all about helping you to excel in leadership positions by mastering successful strategies of leadership and shifting those that are counter-productive. The related field of performance coaching helps you to reach your performance goals and excel at all your ventures.

Leadership coaching
Executive coaching

Executive coaching is the secret weapon of top performing companies. Executive coaching works with managers, team leaders and executives to help improve leadership, management strategies, corporate performance and the bottom line.

Executive coaching
NLP, EFT and hypnotherapy

NLP or neuro-linguistic programming is a set of tools used to maximize people's success, productivity and happiness. NLP practitioners examine the language and behavioral patterns of successful people and then help you model those behaviors so you can attain the same levels of performance. They also use a variety of techniques to break patterns that aren't working. Life coaches can draw on NLP techniques very productively to help you reach your goals and unburden you of limiting beliefs and behaviors.

EFT or emotional freedom technique operates using the principles of acupressure. EFT practitioners help you release unproductive emotions by tapping on certain points on the face and hands. This technique can be usefully applied by life coaches.

Hypnotherapy is a profession that uses hypnosis to help you break free of bad habits and unproductive behaviors and emotions. The hypnotherapist guides you into a deeply relaxed state where your subconscious mind becomes more open to change and suggestion. They can then help you to accept suggestions that are more helpful to your life. Some life coaches use the tools of hypnotherapy in their coaching.

NLP coaching



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