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How does coaching help you with your health and fitness?

Health coaching

Health coaching gives you someone to talk to about your health and fitness goals. The coach helps you figure out what the best approach will be for you. With coaching the focus is always on your needs, not some pre-defined fitness ideal. Coaching gets you to set clear goals. Then you and the coach make a plan for achieving them.

Your health and fitness will improve with coaching because you'll gain encouragement and motivation. The coach gives you someone you have to answer to.

Most importantly, health coaching teaches you to look at yourself as a whole person. Your health comes from feeling good on the inside as much as looking good on the outside. Coaching helps you make lasting changes so can take joy in active living.

The Whole Person Approach of Health Coaching

During health coaching sessions you'll talk with the coach about your diet, fitness level, and any mental strains and stress that are bothering you. Health coaching exposes your negative feelings and beliefs so you can get rid of them.

Coaching urges you tap into positive thoughts. This helps you develop an uplifting mindset. When you do that, you won't want to eat junk food or sit on the couch. You'll want to get out there and do more things.

The new diet and exercise goals you set with health coaching will be based on your interests. And the positive mindset nurtured by coaching transforms you into someone who truly wants to build a healthy lifestyle.

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Happiness Makes You Healthier

Your happiness and wellbeing are the first things you work on with health coaching. The coach wants you to switch off self-defeating thoughts.

When you learn to adopt a positive mindset your happiness increases. And happiness supports health. Even people with chronic disease or serious injuries do better when they harness the energy of good thoughts. Their symptoms lessen and they can focus on therapy and rehabilitation.

Health coaching is much more than simply working with a fitness trainer. Yes, the coach helps you develop an exercise plan, but that's just half of the coaching process.

Health coaching also helps you:

  • Overcome negative beliefs about yourself
  • Look to the future instead of past failings
  • See yourself in a better light
  • Start a health and fitness program that fits you
  • Want to eat healthy food and be active

Your whole lifestyle can be enhanced with health coaching. If you feel like something is holding you back from the fitness you desire, coaching helps you figure out the problem and solve it. Once you learn how to feel good on the inside, you'll be ready to improve your fitness and shine on the outside.

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