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Cali Bahrenfuss

Sioux Falls, United States
Sleep Coach with 20+ years of sleep experience. Clinical Sleep Health Educator
Health coach Wellness coach
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About me

I have worked in the sleep field for over 20 years, working with nearly every aspect of sleep. I spent my early professional years performing and analyzing sleep studies at hospitals and clinics across the Midwest.
As my career progressed, I gained new experiences managing multiple sleep labs, operating a CPAP medical supply store, directing a regional sleep conference for sleep technologists, analyzing sleep studies for hospitals and clinics across the U.S., participating in numerous research studies for branches of the U.S. Military and large tech companies, and coaching insomnia sufferers through online programs and apps, and much more.

Although I have loved every aspect of my career, helping people with insomnia is what gives me the most joy. I have struggled with insomnia firsthand in multiple ways—by working the night shift, having an autoimmune disorder, and having her thyroid removed due to cancer, all of which wreaked havoc on my sleep.

As a result, I fully understands the depths of what insomnia feels like. I struggled to find non-pharmaceutical interventions for her insomnia until I learned about CBTI.

I have successfully managed my own insomnia through the methods and techniques of CBTI, and am impassioned to help others do the same.

When not working, I enjoy traveling with my husband and two sons as out family goal is to make it to every MLB stadium and national park in the U.S. You may also find us in the Arizona desert or the beaches of Southern California.

Coaching with me


Reset Your Sleep with Help from a Sleep Coach
Insomnia Doesn’t Have to Control Your Life

  • Get quality sleep and develop healthy sleep habits

  • Based on modern sleep science (CBTI) 

  • Without sleep medicine or expensive equipment

  • One step at a time, with 1:1 coaching and a personalized sleep plan


I am an educational based coach, which means the core of my coaching is to educate my clients on how sleep works, how insomnia happens, what perpetuates insomnia, and what changes can be made to positively impact insomnia. I always strive to make sure my clients understand the hows and whys behind their sleep so that they understand exactly why the changes I propose may make a difference. I find that the better my clients understand their sleep, the more successful they are in improving their sleep long term. 



I specialize in sleep coaching with an emphasis on insomnia. I use techniques and methods based off Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (or CBTI), which is the recommended first approach for insomnia sufferers. Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBTI or CBT-I) is a short, structured, and evidence-based approach to combating the frustrating symptoms of insomnia with results seen in just a few weeks. The Sleep Foundation has even stated that CBTI can be approximately 70-80% effective in those with primary insomnia, and in some cases, can be more effective than medications.

When you sign up with Delta Sleep, you get 4-8 weeks of one-on-one online based coaching tailored to your specific situation, needs, and goals. An expert will personally guide you through the process and help you overcome your sleep challenges.

The main components of CBTI include:
Cognitive & Psychoeducational Interventions
Cognitive restructuring is used to help change or improve one’s thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and reactions to sleep. Inaccurate or negative thoughts around sleep are often identified, challenged, and restructured—leading to a healthier mindset for sleep.

Behavioral Interventions
Behavioral interventions implement techniques that help improve relaxation and increase sleep drive. This includes sleep restriction that helps to “reset” the body’s sleep drive or the need for sleep, relaxation training to help the body relax and unwind at the proper times, and stimulus control which is used to retrain your body and mind to sleep when it’s supposed to.

The order or flow of these methods can vary from person to person, depending on their symptoms and sleep issues—however, the core of CBTI is typically the same for most people. 

CBTI is traditionally delivered in-person, but with the rapid shift to telemedicine during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as limited access to CBTI trained professionals, CBTI is now commonly delivered remotely.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • CCSH

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $499 USD

Consultation Call: $50

  • 45-minute consultation call with a sleep coach

  • Tips from a sleep coach on how to improve your personal sleep issues

  • Delta Sleep Coaching’s Sleep Improvement Newsletter

  • $100 coupon towards the Delta Sleep Coaching CBTI program

Sleep Coaching CBTI Program: $499

  • One-hour initial phone call with a sleep coach, with follow up calls scheduled throughout the program

  • 4-8 weeks of sleep coaching with a personalized sleep improvement plan

  • Sleep tracking materials provided through the duration of the program

  • Educational resources about insomnia including access to our Learning Center


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