lifecoach $7000 USD Amanda K Shreiweis Amanda K Shreiweis I help people transform their lives using NLP, Life coaching nutrition and fitness
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Amanda K Shreiweis

Life Coach, NLP, Nutritionist 
cairns, Queensland, Australia
I help people transform their lives using NLP, Life coaching nutrition and fitness

About me


My name is Mandi. 

Here is a little bit about myself. I was born into a cult, where there was a large volume of childhood trouma.I survived and ended up living on the streets at 12 years of age. 

I soon after got mixed up with the wrong people and met my then husband. That marriage was filled with extreme Domestic Violence.This is where i developed Chronic depression, anxiety, and my weight ballooned up to 160kg,making me morbidly obese. Things looked pretty bad and i was quiet lost. I managed to escape that marriage with my life after many attempts by my ex husband to take my life.

Soon after my divorce, i lost my beautiful grandmother to Dementia,so i started devoting my time to working out how the brain works, nutrition,mindset,excersise,lifestyle.

I studied fitness, delpoma of dietics,NLP,and lifecoaching.

In turn i lost 100 kg ....yes 100kg.

Studied hard and turned my life around.

Ive had years of experience working with,

 Limiting Beliefs, Childhood Trouma, DV, Obesity, Abandenment Issues,  Together we will work 1:1 to overcome any of these issuse, and give you the tools to also completely transform your life.


Envision your desired lifestyle!!!!!

Execute the perfect plan especially designed for you.!!!!

Evolve into your your authentic self.!!!!!



I offer you the choice of us working together either by way of...


1;1 Intensive Breakthrough Session, 1x3-hour session ($1600).



1 Week, 3x 50-minute sessions ($1200).



Lifecoaching,NLP, Mindset.

4 Weeks, 8x 50-minute sessions ($3200)

6 Weeks,12x50-minute sessions ($4200)

8 Weeks, 16x50-minute sessions($4800)



Lifecoaching.NLP, Mindset,Nutrition,Exercise

12 Weeks 24x60-minute sessions ($7000)


I offer 1;1 lifestyle coaching, both in person and online for your conveniance.

Fee description

Fees: from $290 USD to $7000 USD

specialised 1;1 breakthrough

$1600 for 4 hours.

mindset shift ,

$1200 for 3x1 hours- $400 per hour.

lifestyle change

$3200 for 8x1 hours -$400per hour

 $4200 for 12x1 hours-$350per hour

$4800 for 16x1 hours-$300 per hour

complete transformation

$7000 for 24x1hour sessions$290 per hour.



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