lifecoach $4000 USD Alisa Levin Alisa Levin Alisa Levin is based in Chicago and offers coaching, motivation and professional executive coaching
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Alisa Levin

Master Motivator  
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Alisa Levin is based in Chicago and offers coaching, motivation and professional executive coaching

About me

I am Alisa Levin, a Chicago-based attorney and author and overall motivational guru, whose mission it is to help you realize yourself, your potential and your dreams, all in one coaching package. I am an extremely honest and straightforward person who calls things as I see them, and who is unabashedly unafraid to get to the nitty-gritty. I say what others only think, and I stop at nothing to make sure that I am clear, honest and open to helping you effectuate positive change.

I am a seasoned and effective communicator and writer, and with my training I offer business, personal and professional image consulting, motivational coaching and life-coaching services that are large or small - depending on what you need and how you need it. I will provide honest appraisals, clear directives, and straightforward feedback. I am no-nonsense kind of person and you will always know where you stand with me.

Coaching with me

- Results depend on Goals - let's set some!
- Steps forward require appraisal of what came before - let's look at where you have been!
- Need to make a move? I will help you outline how to get there
- Need a new career? Let's make a plan to get there.
- Need a resume redone? I will make it shine as I am also a professional writer
- Relationship help begins with self-awareness and being accountable. If you have problems in interpersonal issues, then I will help you discover how to get out of your own way. I will motivate you and help you rebuild yourself.

I can use a variety of tools, including in-person or phone/text meetings, video-chat or email to communicate and empower you. I am a straight-forward/no-nonsense kind of person and you will see right away that I tell it like it is. Let's see how I can help!

My coaching style can best be described as straight-forward. I do not sugarcoat anything and my style is to be honest and appraise the situation and help to try to find a path that works. It is not always the path of least resistance, and of course, life offers no guarantees. But, my approach is one that is honest and with integrity and I will share in my own life, and from situations I have come across, to show you that I not only understand you and where you come from in our meetings, but I will honestly discuss how you can take steps, even baby steps, toward improvement.

I don't offer advice and counsel that I myself would not take, or give to my best friend. My goal is to be a solid, impartial and thoughtful coach whose only goal is your goal, one client at a time.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

One on one work to reach your personal and professional goals in my Chicago office.
We can do remote meetings if that works for you
Short courses or group coaching
I will create and design a course for you individually or with a group, for corporate and businesses of all shapes and sizes. You let me know where and when, and we can work out something that gets you where you need to go!

- I can travel to you
- I can host small groups (billed per person)
Ongoing training
We can set up a package that works for you!

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Law License - State of Illinois
I am a licensed and trained attorney in Chicago. I have expertise in communication, goal setting, writing and analysis and negotiation. I have two decades of experience in organizational communication, motivation, coaching and mentorship in personal and professional settings.

I host a talk-show in Chicago and co-produce it, called Bar Talk. This is currently in production. I lecture and produce seminars and write a blog and counsel clients of all shapes and sizes toward problem solving and awareness. You will not find a more honest and straightforward person to deal with.

Fee description

Fees: from $150 USD to $4000 USD

- hourly / per session
- package
- cash/check/credit card


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