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Life coaching gives you powerful feedback and guidance. It helps you create an authentic life. Contentment and inner peace are possible when you take charge of your future.

You can nurture your dreams and ambitions. You just need the clarity and focus a life coach can show you.

Life Coaching Served Chicago Style

The Windy City impresses the millions of visitors it attracts every year. And you can find inspiration in this stimulating big city too.

Chicago offers you many ways to explore your potential. You can live a fulfilling "deep dish" life. It's OK to listen to the blues, but don't making singing them a habit.

If you don't know where to begin, a life coach will help you discover your best path forward.

Life coaching supports many goals:

  • Need for work life balance
  • Desire for more confidence
  • Improvement of relationships
  • Career advancement
  • Creative talent development
  • Business and entrepreneurship
  • Coping with grief
  • Discovery of personal vision
  • Changes in lifestyle
  • Give Yourself Permission to Thrive

    Many things can happen that pull your life off course. Unexpected job loss, health setbacks, relationship issues or financial stress can all scatter your ability to plan long term. Life coaching lets you take stock and define your future.

    A life coach's job is to help you discover your priorities. Then you set goals and take action. Basically, the coach coaches and you play the game.

    It's easy to focus on the demands in your life. But for true success and happiness you need to set the agenda. A life coach shows you how to do this. The ability to create a meaningful life is a skill you can learn.



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  • Coach Angela Doll Carlson Coaching hours icon 1 hrs United States $10 - $150 USD Contact me

    Angela Doll Carlson

    Free Call!
    ACE Certified Personal Trainer

    The body is a garden– living and growing, organic, vibrant and beautiful.

  • Coach Kacy Middleton United States $15 - $300 USD Contact me 4 Star

    Kacy Middleton

    Free Call!
    Certified Wellness Coach

    Life coach specializing in health and fitness.

  • Coach Alisa Levin United States $150 - $4000 USD Contact me

    Alisa Levin

    Free Call!
    Master Motivator

    Alisa Levin is based in Chicago and offers coaching, motivation and professional executive coaching

  • Coach Katherine Segal United States $85 - $500 USD Contact me

    Katherine Segal

    Free Call!
    LCSW; Integrative Life Coach

    I apply coaching and integrative wellness knowledge to assist you in reaching your full potential.

  • Coach Elle Nicole United States $750 - $18000 USD Contact me

    Elle Nicole

    Free Call!
    M.A., M.Ed., certified coach

    Dating and relationship coach with a background in clinical psychology and human sexuality.

  • Coach Cassandra Wooden United States $65 - $900 USD Contact me

    Cassandra Wooden

    Free Call!
    MCC., BS, MA, CMHC

    MCC in Business & Life over 25 years. Counseling/Business degree from Roosevelt & Adler University.

  • Coach Sarah Jordan United States $49 - $250 USD Contact me

    Sarah Jordan

    Free Call!
    Certified Professional Life Coach

    I offer quality, compassionate, and affordable life coaching.

  • Coach Troy Mork United States $1200 - $1201 USD Contact me

    Troy Mork

    Free Call!
    Depth Coach

    I help extraordinary people remember how extraordinary they are. HElp make the impossible, possible.

  • Coach angela joyner United States $300 - $500 USD Contact me

    angela joyner

    Free Call!
    MBA, ACC, CPCC, PhDd Candidate

    I am part leadership expert, marketing maven, business strategist and a touch of creative soul.

  • Coach Teresa Cook United States $50 - $75 USD Contact me

    Teresa Cook

    Free Call!
    Free Heart Life Coaching

    Experience FREEDOM from negative emotions, destructive behaviors, and limiting beliefs!

  • Coach Janis Andersen United States $75 - $272 USD Contact me

    Janis Andersen

    Free Call!
    Personal Growth,Career, Couples

    I love life coaching, helping people is so rewarding.

  • Coach shiri bade United States $180 - $200 USD Contact me

    shiri bade

    Free Call!
    PCC, M.A. in Psychology

    Become the improved version of yourself.

  • Coach Julie Aung United States $125 - $475 USD Contact me

    Julie Aung

    Free Call!
    B.A. Psychology, ACC

    Create an Exceptional Life of Your Own Design!

  • Coach Dori Krasnopolsky United States $300 - $500 USD Contact me

    Dori Krasnopolsky

    Free Call!
    LCPC Life Coach Relationship Coach

    I help clients find greater satisfaction and fulfillment in work, in relationships and in life.

  • Coach Alisa M Levin United States $100 - $4000 USD Contact me

    Alisa M Levin

    Free Call!
    Trained Attorney/Master Motivator

    I am an honest straight-shooter that will motivate, mentor and support.

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Five great reasons to hire a Chicago life coach
You will learn the power of mindfulness. Life coaching teaches you to pay attention to your thoughts, feelings and behavior. This self monitoring makes big changes possible. Coaching is powerful because you root out problems and plant seeds of success.
Make your life rewarding. Coaching is a proven method for reaching goals. With a life coach you'll set goals to support your needs.
Coaching gives you courage to make changes. Even when you know what you need to do, it can be hard to try. A life coach's primary role is to support you through difficult actions.
Work life balance is more than a buzzword. It's necessary for happiness and well-being. Pressure and stress can make it close to impossible to think straight. A life coach slows things down so you can see what's happening. Then you can set realistic boundaries that support your needs.
Taking on challenges is better than living with problems. A life coach will support you as you take action, even during setbacks. This way you recover more quickly and keep trying. A life coach gets rid of negative thoughts. This is part of the process of empowerment that life coaching puts in your hands.
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