lifecoach $1000 USD Chanei Phillips Chanei Phillips I coach individuals that want uncover what keeps you in a stand still from reaching your potential.
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Chanei Phillips

Certified Life Coach, MBA 
Chicago, Illinois, United States

I coach individuals that want uncover what keeps you in a stand still from reaching your potential.

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FEES from $20 USD to $1000 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I coach the individual that is ready for a change to envision a different future for yourself. I coach the entrepreneur who needs to tools to get their business started and off the ground. Or the entrepreneur who feels like there is something missing to get the exposure. Do you think it costs too much to start a venture? How will you get leads? Are you unclear if you have a great opportunity or not? - Orange Sorbet Package - 4x 30-60 min sessions, email support, 5-10 minute check-in call. - Blueberry Package - 12x 30-60 min sessions, email support, 5-10 minute check-in call. - Chocolate Soufflé Package - 16x 30-60 min sessions, email support, 5-10 minute check-in call. - Entrepreneurial Business Package – 12x 30-60 min sessions, email support, 5-10 minute check-in call. - I offer a complimentary 30 minute phone call to allow individuals to decide whether or not I am the right fit for their needs. I offer ongoing sessions for the Business Package if we still have work to do! I am excited to join you on your journey and be your biggest cheerleader every step of the way.

Coaching with me

I help professional women who fell stuck, lost, unfulfilled and unhappy to discover and live a happy and fulfilled life while being true to themselves. Using a holistic approach, Patricia starts by helping her clients get clear on what they truly want and then she teaches them how to manifest what they truly want in their lives while letting go of their fears.

I help my clients to:

- Stop feeling stuck in their life.
- Start shining their light to the world
- Live a more balanced life
- Manifest anything that they truly want
- Get clear on what you truly want and not what everyone else wants you to want.
I love to coach clients who are ready and willing to make a change, step out of their comfort zones and take the risks necessary to fulfill their dreams. I take a holistic approach and treat each of my clients like they are VIP clients. I give my 100% to my clients and expect the same in return. I work hard to create learning opportunities, stretch goals, and point out your areas of strength. We will also look at areas that need further development, challenge old beliefs, and overcome obstacles together. It is your work to meet the goals that you set for yourself, and it is my work to help you stay accountable to those goals. I give homework in between sessions to help you grow.

In addition to weekly coaching sessions, I will be available by email if you have any questions or concerns, and I may even email you to check to see how you are doing. My coaching does not stop at the end of the session!



Private Coaching sessions are conducted over Skype, telephone and person-to-person for a individual or group. Packages: One Session, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Business


Online Coaching sessions are conducted viturally online with email support. You might get an email from me once a week to check in to if you have questions or about your success. Packages: One Session, Orange Sorbet Package, Blueberry Package, Chocolate Souffle Package and Entrepreneurial

Short courses or group coaching

Marketing Plan Business Plan New Ventures Law of Attraction

Ongoing training

You got the momentum going and don't it to stop! Monthly packages for ongoing sessions available for Online or Private sessions who purchased a package (Gold, Platinum, Diamond or Business) for a group or individual.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • MBA
  • Professional Life Coach
  • New Ventures
  • Marketing Plan
  • Small Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Business Plan

Fee description

Fees: from $20 USD to $1000 USD

Pay as you go for a session at a time when needed. Commit to a multi-session that can be paid in full or monthly payments. Courses must be paid in full.


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