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Amanda Terrell

Certified Fertility Life Coach 
Mesa, Arizona, United States
Helping you find hope and peace while waiting for your miracle.

About me

Amanda Terrell is a Southwestern Institute of Healing Arts (ICF, IAC & ACCET accredited) Certified Life Coach. Amanda lead the Arizona local Fertile Ground Support Circle after joining herself in 2010. She was mentored by a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach, expanding her experience and influence. In each personalized or group coaching session, she teaches a coping skill designed to help regain a sense of peace and well being. She understands the infertility process in a way that so many simply cannot and she honors where each person is within their journey.

Coaching with me

Fertility coaching with Amanda can help bring peace to the roller coaster of emotions that comes with infertility. From decisions about how to build your family to building a strong support system, coaching during this time will transform your journey to help you realize your dreams of parenthood.
I utilize tangible life coaching techniques to guide clients into a deeper understanding. Each session includes a coping skill or tool that will help engage them. As we move through each session, I ask the tough questions, from a compassionate heart, to help move the client past any areas that may be keeping them stuck. All of this is done with space and from a place of genuine understanding.


Individualized or in person group coaching sessions available. Package pricing also available. Please contact for a customized quote.

Personalized One-on-one coaching:
– Hour session $125 – Hour and a half session $179

In person weekend sessions located at:
IPC Wellness Center
4111 East Valley Auto Drive Suite 201, Mesa, Arizona
By Phone, Skype, Hangout Video Chat, Google Messenger

Group Coaching:
Hour and a half group sessions

–Saturday small group $79

–Sunday group special $69

–Unlimited group coaching membership $59
Personalized One-on-one coaching:
– Hour session $125 – Hour and a half session $179
Short courses or group coaching
–Unlimited group coaching membership $59

–Saturday small group $79

–Sunday group special $69

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Southwestern Institute of Healing Arts Certification of Excellence
  • Mentored by a Martha Beck certified Life Coach
I led the Fertile Grounds Support Circle for many years, after joining myself. I have uterine factor infertility. I became a life coach after realizing how difficult it is to find someone helpful professionals that specialize in the field of infertility. In doing so, I found a purpose and passion.

Fee description

Fees: from $59 USD to $179 USD

–Unlimited group coaching membership $59

–Saturday small group $79

–Sunday group special $69

– Hour session $125

– Hour and a half session $179


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