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Amira Nakeeb

Performance,Energy & Wellness Coach 
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Helping professionals bio-hack their body and brain to be more productive, creative & healthy.
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FEES from $45 USD to $799 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me


My name is Amira, I am an Energy Healer & Wellbeing coach from Canada. As an Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant and folk and plant medicine practitioner my passion for indigenous wisdom and teachings drove me to the far-flung corners of the world, from India to Peru. I help entrepreneurs and professional men and women who are stuck, stressed out, and exhausted, eliminate anxiety, and thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I learned hands-on from the women and elders and never spared a chance from cooking with the Bedouins in Egypt to learning herbalism from the nomadic tribes of Turkey and Iran.


My approach is highly practical and mystical in equal parts. My sole purpose is well-being on every level, and my joy emanates from sharing skills and knowledge that I accumulated throughout the years on how to stay strong and equanimous in the eye of the storm. 


Coaching with me


I will help you to:

  • What do 7-figure entrepreneurs and start-up founders do to

  • Heal from negative emotions and traumas

  • Master your mindset

  • Gain clarity and inner peace

  • enhance their creativity and productivity

  • How to self-diagnose if you have mental or emotional blockages

  • What is the second brain and how to tap into it

  • How to get better at decision making

  • How to bio-hack your body and your brain to be more productive, creative, and healthy

  • How to protect yourself energetically, and have command over your energy

  • Learn how to transmute your sexual energy into realized goals


I don't have a cookie-cutter coaching style. MY Gift is I can speak to each and everyone in their own language, literally and figuratively. As a polyglot, and someone who lived and traveled all over the globe, I know the subtle nuances of so many cultures. So let's get on this free coaching call and see how we will connect. 





I offer 1:1 coaching via Zoom or Skype


I offer 1:1 coaching via Zoom or Skype

Short courses or group coaching

I have online courses that can be purchased from my website. I also offer group coaching sessions to a small group of max six people. 

Ongoing training

I offer constant sms, and email support for professionals who want to have constant follow-up and set short-term goals, and accountability plans.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Ayureveda Lifestyle Consultant
  • Sexual Energy and Relationship Coach
  • Reiki Energy Healer Level 2
  • Tantric Belly dance for women
  • Non Violent Communication (NVC)
  • Stress Management Training
  • Folk Medicine and Plant Medicine
  • Public Speaking

I graduated from the Universe, not the university. Real-life experience, in my point of view, comes from getting up from behind the computer screen and into real life. I'm a polyglot who speaks five languages, which allowed me to travel. I lived on four continents and in five countries. 

My experience is highly practical because I went and knocked on doors and saw people who are thriving mentally, emotionally, and physically. They don't have the luxuries of modern life, and you won't see them on YouTube, but they have what most of the Eight billion on the planet strive for, which is Well-being on all levels. 

I learned from their wisdom and applied it to my life, and I'm sharing it with individuals who have a deep sense of commitment to thriving and living the best life they can have. 

Fee description

Fees: from $45 USD to $799 USD

Fees range from as little as $45/hr for students and $65 for regular clients. I also offer packages, monthly subscriptions, and email and text support. To assist with fees we offer payment plans as well. I can also accommodate special needs because of financial hardship. Contact me to discuss.


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