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Anky Balfoort

Experienced Life & Career Coach 
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Experienced, qualified and confidential life coach, executive coach and career coach in Brisbane.

About me

Keen to make changes and improvements in your life with the help of an experienced, trusted and confidential life coach?  I provide you with excellent results at a very competitive price.  

I am a proven life coach here to help you achieve your goals and make changes in your life in a surprisingly short amount of time.   I am passionate about helping people live enjoyable and rewarding lives and have helped many people do just that both in the corporate world as well as in my private practice.

I incorporate positive psychology methods and neuroscience concepts in my coaching with a variety of others to effectively help you accept changes, develop new skills, achieve your goals and improve your life.

My corporate coaching experience includes transition coaching to help lower resistance and increase acceptance of changes, raising team morale, improving team image, improving team cohesiveness, resolving bullying and breaking down 'them and us' cultures.

Whether you want improvements in your health, career, relationships, financial situation, general physical wellness or your social circle I can help you achieve the life you want.

I can also help you understand and resolve any blockages which have stopped you from doing this so far and motivate and encourage you along the way to achieve the successful outcomes you desire!

Coaching with me

I've helped numerous people in the past make changes, achieve their goals and learn new skills and positive habits in a surprisingly short amount of time.

I do this by using my varied proven coaching skills, techniques and tools as well as my excellent ability to motivate. The result is happier clients who live life to the max and enjoy more happiness and contentment.

Successful outcomes include:

- increased finances;
- improved/changed career;
- improved health and weight loss;
- increased confidence and self esteem;
- improved work/life balance;
- better relationships;
- overcoming depression and anxiety;
- happier family dynamics;
- improved study results;
- happier romantic relationships/successfully finding a romantic partner
- happier romantic relationships/successfully finding a romantic partner
- increased social life, fun and outings;
- coming off anti-depressants;
- improved housing;

Your success is my success and I really care about your progress. With my help and guidance you'll be able to start making positive life changes immediately while you are learning new skills and creating positive habits that will last you a life time.
As your life coach I can:

- Assist you determine the areas in your life you want to change
- Help you develop new skills
- Help you identify and resolve any blockages that have stopped you from reaching your potential so far
- Provide you with tools, techniques and resources to achieve the life you desire and deserve
- Encourage you, support you and motivate you along the way.

I provide face to face coaching as well as Skype and telephone coaching for those who don't live in Brisbane.



Face to face, telephone and Skype coaching Sessions are 1 hour long 

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Primary Certificate in Rational-Emotive Theory and Techniques, CBTA
  • Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, CBTA (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Australia)
  • Advanced Certificate in Acceptance and Commitment Theory (ACT Mindfully)
  • Certificate in Positive Psychology (University of East London)
  • Certificate IV in Life Coaching, LCIA (Life Coaching Institute of Australia)
  • Bachelor in Commerce and Administration, Victoria University of Wellington
  • PROSCI certification in Change Management
  • Certificate in Project Management, NZIM
  • Achievement in Effective Negotiation Skills, NZIM (New Zealand Institute of Management)
  • Achievement in Contemporary Life Coaching Approaches, LCIA
  • Achievement in Cognitive Life Coaching Approaches, LCIA
I'm a qualified and experienced life coach with qualifications in Life Coaching from The LIfe Coaching Institute of Australia which are recognised by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) of which I'm a member. In addition I have helped numerous clients achieve their desired changes and improvement - they have learnt a lot from me but I've also learnt a lot from them. And in turn I can use this knowledge to help you.

As well I have numerous related qualifications, including a Certificate in Positive Psychology (from the University of East London), a Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Intermediate and Advanced Certificates in Acceptance and Commitment Theory (ACT), a Primary Certificate in Rational Emotive Therapy, a certificate in Work Coaching, a certificate in Executive Coaching, to name some of them.

I have also had quite a few experiences in my life which included large and small changes, from bad to good and everything in between. So I have plenty of personal experience and knowledge on change and how to deal with it successfully. I've always been an excellent listener, encouraging and very interested in others.

I love helping people and making them feel better and I'm passionate about making sure that my skills are up to date with the latest techniques and tools. I attend a variety of conferences and belong to relevant professional associations to ensure I'm updated with the latest information and knowledge that can help me help my clients. As an example, in 2012 I completed two courses (Positive Psychology; Executive Coaching) and currently I'm completing my Career Coaching course. In 2013 I completed an ACT course (a psychology-related course about acceptance and commitment therapy).

Fee description

Fees: from $120 USD to $140 USD

One hour life coaching sessions:  $120


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