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Brisbane, Australia is a distinctive international destination. An astonishing 30 percent of its population was born overseas. People move to Brisbane to follow their dreams and express their talents.

Life Coaches in Brisbane

Whether Brisbane is your hometown or you just arrived, your dreams can define your place in this thriving metro area of 2 million. Life coaches here are ready to help you create a great life for yourself.

What Life Coaching Does for You

Life coaching is a professional service that can be applied to many areas in your life.

You can use coaching to:

  • Improve your self esteem.
  • Gain confidence.
  • Find the best career for you.
  • Foster positive thinking.
  • Explore your talents.
  • Live mindfully.
  • Adopt a healthier lifestyle.
  • Reduce stress.

With a life coach you gain a person who listens to your ideas and offers insights. The coach doesn't bring any fears, opinions or other baggage to the discussion like your friends and family might. Your life coach will make a space where you can express yourself freely.

The coach will ask lots of questions. This draws out your most honest feelings. From here, you set goals based on what will fulfill you.

Looking Forward and Staying Positive

The weather in Brisbane is almost always lovely, but life can be stormy. Life coaching shows you how to cope with adversity. This is done with positive thinking and focusing on the future. A life coach honors your feelings about a bad situation. But then the coach will direct you to get up tomorrow and take positive action.

The perspective you gain from life coaching connects you with happiness. And you'll learn how to make your life great. Coaching develops your positive mindset. This nurtures you unlike negative thinking that wastes your energy and buries your spirit.



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  • Coach Anky Balfoort Australia $120 - $140 USD Contact me

    Anky Balfoort

    Free Call!
    Experienced Life & Career Coach

    Experienced, qualified and confidential life coach, executive coach and career coach in Brisbane.

  • Coach Matt Andersen Australia $50 - $50000 USD Contact me

    Matt Andersen

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    Founder and Director of Mycoach

    At Mycoach Consultants we pride ourselves of delivering significant value to our clients.

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Five great reasons to hire a Brisbane life coach
A life coach can guide you toward success. The power to succeed is inside you. You just need to nurture your belief in yourself. Vibrant and diverse Brisbane is a place that will reward you for your efforts.
Life coaching empowers you. A primary goal of life coaching is to wash away limiting beliefs. Whatever limits you've imposed on yourself can be replaced with confidence. You can train the voice in your head to agree with your heart.
To develop yourself is your birthright as a human being. Like sprawling Brisbane, you can reach out in new directions and find new ways to thrive.
Life coaching is a proven way for you to make the improvements you desire. Talented individuals in sports, music and theater regularly seek guidance from coaches. You can benefit from this technique in any area of your life.
Life coaching helps you set specific goals. You'll achieve more success and happiness when you have a clear path to follow. Don't let your dreams and ambitions overwhelm you with details. Life coaching teaches you how to go farther step by step.
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