lifecoach $50000 USD Matt Andersen Matt Andersen At Mycoach Consultants we pride ourselves of delivering significant value to our clients.
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Matt Andersen

Founder and Director of Mycoach  
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
At Mycoach Consultants we pride ourselves of delivering significant value to our clients.
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FEES from $50 USD to $50000 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Welcome and thank you to take the time to view my page. My name is Matt Andersen and I am the Founder of Mycoach Consultants. I have been a coach for over 2 years now have have been able to provide extensive positive change in my clients and their circumstances. I have recently gone from freelancing to opening my own online practice as I have enjoyed helping so many of my clients and wish to build a strong company to help many more! I have a background as an urban planner which I then moved to setting up my first start-up and successfully selling that to become a coach. My passion is entrepreneurship and I believe we all have the ability to be entrepreneurial about our lives.

Coaching with me

My goal as a business, health and life coach is help, assist and guide my clients from their current situation to a a place of success and accomplishment.

I have a persona passion about helping aspiring entrepreneurs launch their startup so they can quit their job and they can live on their terms.
My approach is unique, I come from the angle as a trusted friend giving advice. i defiantly aim to not demand action but more work together in a way of a team with my client as we both work toward the right path forward.

I feel that as a natural 'helper' coaching come's easy to me and I always make that my clients get 100% of me that not only in our call sessions but also in the work that I put in afterwards and follow up information I provide them. That I the true key ingredient that is different with me.


In the event of being in the same city I offer private coaching to my clients and am very flexible about times and locations. I also am open to travel for clients
Online coaching is the basis of my practice and where I do most of my coaching my it be via Skype, Google Hangouts or a simple phone call I am open for business.
Short courses or group coaching
I am also a big advocate of masterminds/group coaching as we can leverage of the skills of the group and get benefits for all. This a a great affordable option for like minded clients facing similar challenges.
Ongoing training
I also offer on-going training and coaching. This may vary in accordance to the clients

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Urban and Town Planning Degree
  • Coaching Course with Evercoach
  • Customer Focus Course
  • Graduate Programe
After immigrating to Australia from South Africa I had to allot to learn and overcome moving country and realising my place in a first world country.

My attendance at top high schools and University IN Australia gave me the advantage of receiving a well recognised education but it wasn't until my experience in my 9 years of my working life that I was able to be overcome many challenges and come off better then I went into them.

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $50000 USD

I always offer my clients their first consultation as a FREE. I normally come up with a Fee that will result in solving my clients issues and or assisting my client more then expectation.


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