lifecoach $3000 USD Anthony K. Myrick-Lawson Anthony K. Myrick-Lawson You'll learn about overall acceptance and how to exert your power of choice.
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Anthony K. Myrick-Lawson

Life Transitions Expert (CPD Cert.) 
Glassboro, New Jersey, United States

You'll learn about overall acceptance and how to exert your power of choice.

FEES from $2000 USD to $3000 USD for coaching packages. more...

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Serenity. Courage. Wisdom Program

Life is full of high and lows. More often than not you really never know when it might change direction. Our weekly lessons will dig into mindset shifts to better combat these changes and take the challenges that come with it head on with confidence.

[Post] Relationship Program

Sometimes relationships, 'situationships', and even friendships come to an end.  we will discuss the pain and grief that comes with the ending of that chapter, but furthermore we will discuss some techniques to help shape your process of redefining yourself.


  • All programs are offered through 60 minute 1:1 sessions (via Zoom)

  • Free discovery session

  • Customized journal prompts

  • Post session breakdowns

  • Unlimited email support

  • A monthly unscheduled session


All sessions are held via Zoom video conferencing.

Fee description

Fees: from $2000 USD to $3000 USD

Offering the first month FREE. 


Serenity. Courage. Wisdom Program - $2000

[Post] Relationship Program -$3000


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