lifecoach $210 USD Bassey E Bassey E LMSW work with individuals in recovery and those struggling with stress, dating, food, and fitness.
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Bassey E

Health and Wellness 
White plains, New York, United States
LMSW work with individuals in recovery and those struggling with stress, dating, food, and fitness.
Wellness coach Fitness coach

FEES from $25 USD to $210 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me


I care about my fitness and health. I believe many people care about good health and a happy life.

I help people you reduce stress, eat and live well, and I work offer a practcial tips for you to manange your health, fitness, and recovery. 


A wellness/recovery coach supports individuals to learn practical lifestyle skills and tips to meet their personal goals.

Self-compassion matters. Learn and create ways to reduce stress and build healthy habits.

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I offer wellness, fittness, and dating coaching. I have session for 20,30, or 45 minutes.


Practice packages:

  1. 3 sessions

  2. 6 sessions

  3. 12 sessions.



Online coaching phone, Zoom, email, and reading materials. Clients make the call on the confirmed date and time.

Short courses or group coaching

Zoom Group: How to Stop Emotional eating group

This group is for people who desire to lose or maintain the weight they want. Do you eat food in a hurry? How often do you eat fast food? Why do some people eat too much food?  Before joining the group, please research, "What is emotional eating?"  Members learn practical skills and tips to manage emotional eating habits--feelings, thoughts, and behavior. Group starts 02/16-. Zoom meets on Monday at 7.30 am or 7pm.

Fee description

Fees: from $25 USD to $210 USD

40 minutes: 10 weeks Zoom Group meeting= $25.00 per session.

45 mins. Indvdidual session = $210.00 per session.

30 minutes Indvdiual sesion= $180.00 per session

20 minutes indvdiual session=$90.00 per session.


10% for packages price.


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