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Bethany Rosselit

M.A., Stress Management Expert 
Kemah, United States
Helping people with fears, relationships/communication, and stress through low-cost e-mail sessions.

About me

About Me
I remember the day when I realized there could be more. I was 34 years old, working for 10 years in a job I couldn't stand, to pay for a house I didn't love, in a town where I would rather not raise my child. It was during this time that I realized that everything I had believed about myself might not be true, and perhaps my life could be more than it was.

5 months later, I left it all behind and started a new life with my family, 1300 miles away on a sailboat. Making such a drastic change was physically easy, but finding my way through the doubts and fears was not. One by one, I had to remove the obstacles that existed in my mind—obstacles that stood between me and my dreams. It was a long process, which I undertook with the help of a life coach, but it was a rewarding one that left me with a desire to help others to find their way through fear and doubt.

I have a Master's Degree from Saginaw Valley State University in Michigan, with an emphasis on learning and behavioral disorders. I also have had the unique opportunity to study with Ewa Schwarz, of Online Counseling, for 2 ½ years, first as a client and then as a student, learning her method of providing online coaching through e-mail.

What I have to offer:
As my client, you will have to opportunity to benefit from my wide range of experience.

My experience raising a daughter with autism and working with students with disabilities as a special education teacher have provided me with a great deal of knowledge about parenting and helping people with special needs.

My studies have included trainingfrom the Beck Institute, as well as coursework in Positive Psychology. I have also had specific training in online coaching, from my mentor. I draw on my knowledge in all three of these areas, when working with clients.

Because I have a background in education as well as psychology, I will be able to address your unique learning needs, so that you can learn new tools for your life, in the way that you learn best. I draw on my educational training—especially my knowledge of Gardner's multiple intelligences—in all of my sessions.

Not only do I have the academic knowledge that will allow me to help clients, but I also have spent the past 2 ½ years of my life undergoing the process myself. I have faced my own doubts and fears, learned to redefine them, and created a new life for myself. My first-hand experience with the process will allow me to better empathize with and support you as you make your way through your own doubts and fears and realize your own potential.

I know from my own experience that there will be times when you need to practice the skills you have been learning and take some time away from online coaching to process and reflect. Once this time has passed, you may have further questions. For this reason, I offer one free aftercare e-mail, a month after you discontinue online life coaching. In that e-mail, we will address any new challenges you are having, and I will provide you with some suggestions for your situation.

Online coaching is an affordable alternative. I offer some of the lowest rates available for e-coaching. My e-mail sessions range from $20-$40 an hour, depending on session length. When you become my client, you will gain the advantage of working with a qualified, experienced life coach--without breaking the bank!

Your experience as my client:

We will begin our journey together by looking at your situation and the skills and understanding that you already have. We will then build on your prior understanding to help you add to your “toolkit” in whatever areas necessary. Your growth and happiness is my goal. Working with you, I can help you to overcome your fears, realize your dreams, and achieve your full potential.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

Video sessions through Virtual Therapists Network. Private chat sessions. Pricing starts at $50 per hour for video and $30 per hour for chat.
Private, low-cost e-mail sessions. No appointments necessary, and respond at your leisure. One hour will involve 3-4 e-mail exchanges, depending on length. Pricing starts at $15 for 30 minutes or $25 for an hour. Longer sessions are available.
Short courses or group coaching
Interactive e-courses on Simple Living Basics, Gentle Discipline, and Loving Yourself. Includes Kindle version on text. Pricing starts at $10 for a 6 week course. Self-paced courses on Minimalist Lifestyle: Getting Started and Attachment Parenting, beginning at $4.
Ongoing training
Long-term coaching is available. Simply purchase more sessions. This is especially effective with e-mail sessions, where you will be able to review previous conversations and stop and start coaching as necessary.

Fee description

Fees: from $15 USD to $70 USD

I offer a sliding scale that clients may choose to use, based on their own knowledge of their financial situation. E-mail sessions are lower cost than video sessions, and the fee-per-hour for e-mail sessions decreases with the length of the session.


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