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Boundaries for Women

Boundaries & Narc Abuse Expert 
Dallas, United States
Expert in helping women set healthy boundaries and get free from narcissistic abuse.
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FEES from $500 USD to $1700 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

With decades of experience, I help you to set healthy boundaries and trust your intuition in order to regain your self respect and transform into the woman you used to dream about becoming. With my specialised relationship and boundaries coaching, I help you to stay focused, resilient and pressing on toward the life you were born to live - a life free of mental mind games, gaslighting, bait and switch conversations, emotional chess, and all the other aspects of being in an abusive relationship.

With my specialised boundaries coaching, you become clear on your values so you can live with greater clarity and vision.

You identify what it is that you need spiritually and emotionally so you can move forward and begin to thrive rather than just survive. 

You learn to trust your own instincts and voice, rather than be controlled by other people's expectations of you. 

You start to think clearly again and make decisions you feel good about. 

I've been there and I'm proof it's possible to move on, regain balance, thrive and live an astonishing life. 

I am highly empathetic, able to read below the surface of situations and people and help you identify what you will and won't put up with any longer on your path towards freedom, transformation and new, abundant life. 

I offer a non-judgmental atmosphere where you can feel safe and accepted for who you truly are. I support you in taking the actions and steps you need to take to experience the life you know you are capable and worthy of living. 

I coach from a Christian perspective, but respect other people's beliefs without imposing my own. I only bring the faith aspect into it if you request it.


My clients' results have included:

  • renewed sense of self

  • emotional freedom

  • increased ability to detect dangerous or toxic people

  • deeper discernment in all relationships

  • freedom from toxic relationships

  • an end to people pleasing

  • accountability

  • strength

  • restored health

  • renewed energy

  • stability

  • empowerment

  • peace

  • joy

  • healing

  • confidence

  • trust in one's own decisions

  • trust in one's own perceptions

  • deepened spiritual lives

  • restored values

  • restored integrity

  • freedom from guilt & shame

  • better parenting skills

  • healthier communication with family, work colleagues, friendships & new romantic partners

  • new, safe surroundings

  • clarity on life purpose

  • increased income

  • financial freedom

  • ability to have & care for pets

  • amazing home/apartments

  • moving to a new city

  • rekindled dreams

  • pursuit of a new career path

  • better decision making

  • greater self respect

  • balance

  • greater honesty with self & others

  • new ability to have a voice & use it

  • becoming a peaceful, empowering presence to others

  • renewed creativity

  • more time

  • greater ability to let go

  • gratitude

  • passion for life

  • abundant life

  • restored life & sanity

  • life transformation 




Coaching sessions are typically one hour long.

We start with a commitment to at least 3 months of coaching, twice a month. 

Fees are as follows:

3 payments of $500 per month 


1 full payment of $1250


You can then decide if you want to continue to meet once or twice a month ongoingly.



Healthy Boundaries Momentum Program (Best Value)

6 consecutive sessions - paid in one payment of $1500.

2 payments of  $775 x2 per month

3 payments of $550 per month

6 payments of $275 per month



I respond to emails throughout the week during times of greater need or when heading towards an important deadline.

Payments are made per program at the start of the program.

Coaching takes place via Skype or Zoom. 


Coaching sessions are typically one hour.

We start out with a commitment to at least 3 months of coaching, meeting 2-3 times a month.

Clients then decide if they want to continue to meet with me once or twice a month ongoingly.

I respond to emails throughout the week during times of greater need or when heading towards an important event or deadline.

Payments are made per program at the start of each month.

Coaching takes place on Skype or Zoom. 

Short courses or group coaching




Session 1: Establishing your values.

Session 2: Examining your tolerations.

Session 3: Identifying your people pleasing trigger points.

Session 4: Revealing hidden shame. This isn't as scary as it may seem because we also focus on...

Session 5: Staying grounded in God's acceptance, approval and grace.

Session 6: Saying "NO" with confidence. 


It gets easier with practice and I'm here to support you through the process to help you create emotional freedom in your life. 


Fee: $1500

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Ethics & Risk Management
  • Coaching Skills Developmnt
  • Essentials of Coaching

Fee description

Fees: from $500 USD to $1700 USD


I provide expert coaching and accountability, but you are responsible for the results in your life as you commit to healthy relationship, healthy boundaries and self-care. 


Feel free to contact me with any questions. 



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