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Whether you're a football fan or not, you still have to admit the Cowboys wouldn't be famous without coaching.

Coaching methods can support any types of goals. And life coaching professionals help people shift their lives in new directions every day.

Life Coaches in Dallas

Dallas isn't a place that's shy about showing off success. And you don't have to wait to focus on what's best for you.

A life coach can help you stop feeling stuck. With coaching you can put together a fresh plan for your future. Maybe the thought of "more of the same" makes your heart sink. If so, you can learn how to pull yourself up by the bootstraps.

Coaching helps you create solutions to your problems. Here are some common ones:

  • Relationships
  • Parenting
  • Career choices
  • Negative thinking
  • Unhealthy lifestyles
  • No direction in life
  • Undeveloped talents

The Business of Living

Dallas is known as a business mecca because of its many Fortune 500 companies. To live better you should think about your returns on investment too.

With coaching you can find answers to big questions like:

  • Do I feel rewarded most days? This doesn't have to be about money. It could be feelings of pride and satisfaction.
  • Am I doing things that will lead to my happiness? Your goals can be about love, fitness, career or anything important to you. With guidance from a coach you can get clarity. This lets you choose more effective actions.
  • Do I have beliefs that are stopping me from trying? It's very common to have negative thoughts. A coach helps you stop sabotaging yourself. A positive frame of mind is essential for your future development.

A life coach will keep you honest. The whole purpose is to unlock your potential.



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  • Coach Sen Shan United States $30 - $500 USD Contact me 5 Star

    Sen Shan

    Free Call!
    Certified Life Coach & Career Coach

    Are you unhappy with life, career & relationship? I can help you set right, gain clarity & live life

  • Coach Sidnei Johnson Coaching hours icon 3461 hrs United States $50 - $5000 USD Contact me

    Sidnei Johnson

    Free Call!
    Certified Life Coach/Minister

    Connection2Grace would like to partner with our clients to help discover a successful life.

  • Coach Dr. Nore Salman Coaching hours icon 500 hrs United States $200 - $500 USD Contact me 5 Star

    Dr. Nore Salman

    Free Call!
    B.S, M.A, Psy.D.

    I support people bridge the gap between where they are and where they'd like to be.

  • Coach Shelly-Ann Brown Coaching hours icon 89 hrs Likes icon RECOMMENDED United States $50 - $1500 USD Contact me 5 Star

    Shelly-Ann Brown

    Free Call!

    Nonprofit CEO, Certified Coach & Solutions Consultant here to train & empower you to grow & succeed.

  • Coach Heather Hobbs Coaching hours icon 25 hrs United States $1 - $100 USD Contact me

    Heather Hobbs

    Free Call!

    I work with congenital heart patients and organ transplant patients, encouraging joy.

  • Coach Toni Tyler Coaching hours icon 2 hrs United States $75 - $1125 USD Contact me

    Toni Tyler

    Free Call!
    ~The Lifestylist~

    My deepest passion is teaching women how to lead a more happy and fulfilling lifestyle.

  • Coach Donald Gibson Coaching hours icon 1 hrs United States $25 - $3600 USD Contact me 5 Star

    Donald Gibson

    Free Call!
    Christian Marriage Coach: CPC, CRC,

    The Imperfect Coupl3 Preparing Imperfect Couples for Purpose Driven Marriages that can't be broken

  • Coach Rebekah Elaine United States $5 - $80 USD Contact me

    Rebekah Elaine

    Free Call!
    B.S. Psychology

    DBU '15. B.S. Psychology & Sociology. INFJ. Professional Daydreamer. Laughter Is The Best Medicine.

  • Coach Lacey Lynch United States $100 - $400 USD Contact me

    Lacey Lynch

    Free Call!
    MS Psy, BBA, ACCP

    I love to empower people to be a better more evolved version of themselves. I help remove blocks, fears, negativity and inspire creativity so that rea

  • Coach Evony Six United States $60 - $100 USD Contact me

    Evony Six

    Free Call!

    My goal/purpose is to help others. It comes natural to me and I would like to help you.

  • Coach Lauren Burnett United States $5 - $500 USD Contact me

    Lauren Burnett

    Free Call!
    B.S. in Psychology

    Be your true self. Confidently act to achieve your dreams. Live a life you love. Have fun doing it!

  • Coach John Weldon United States $199 - $2400 USD Contact me

    John Weldon

    Free Call!
    Speaker, Coach, Trainer, Author

    20yrs in corporate world & 10 in Christian ministry. Our focus is on developing the whole person.

  • Coach Geoff Reese United States $75 - $76 USD Contact me

    Geoff Reese

    Free Call!
    M.A. Certified Professional Coach

    30 yrs coaching ★ Clearly identify what inspires you ★ Professional Life/Career and Christian coach.

  • Coach Leah Mazzola United States $150 - $300 USD Contact me

    Leah Mazzola

    Free Call!
    PhD, BCC

    I specialize in evidence-based life, career, and recovery coaching for teens and young adults.

  • Coach Gonzalo Lozano United States $250 - $800 USD Contact me

    Gonzalo Lozano

    Free Call!
    Ph.D in Operations Management.

    We do Lean Writing for Coaches To Get The Point Across.

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Five great reasons to hire a Dallas life coach
You can give yourself a chance to really talk things through. Unlike a friend or relative, a life coach isn't bringing any bias to the table. You can get impartial feedback. This lets you discover your best interests.
Life coaching helps you make big changes. It can be hard to evict negativity from your life. A coach supports you and convinces you to keep trying.
Train your brain to be positive. A coach teaches you how to break free of limiting beliefs. This is done by becoming mindful of your thoughts so you'll see them when they pop up. Maybe you can't make every thought as sweet as pecan pie. But the act of trying gives you a better frame of mind.
Find ways to lower stress. Whatever your situation, you and the coach can make a plan that helps you assert control. It's important to make sure each day serves your spirit in some way.
You can increase your confidence. It's common to be held back by past failures. Life coaching shifts your attention to the future. You'll learn how to set new goals and reach them. This adds to your confidence. With the right guidance you can open yourself to success.
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