lifecoach $800 USD Bryon Keith Stolle Bryon Keith Stolle I am a Certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Artist, Reflexologist, Intuitive Counselor and Metaphysicist
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Bryon Keith Stolle

Yoga Instructor, Reiki Artist 
Boise, Idaho, United States
I am a Certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Artist, Reflexologist, Intuitive Counselor and Metaphysicist

About me

In my youth, I boasted a strong, stable and constitutive being who held a near photographic memory, 4.0 GPA, strong mental constitution, peak athletic conditioning, steady employment and financial security with dreams and accomplishments piling up in mind along side the drive to achieve. Things that would all be shaken and shattered to pieces in one experience.
As I've healed a serious Traumatic Brain Injury (Frontal Lobe and other areas) that I sustained when I was 18 years old, by being an ejected passenger through the windshield of a rolling car, landing me in a week-long coma and months upon months of physical therapy, I've foregone 11 years of personal rehabilitation in every way imaginable. The process of healing my own body, soul and mind especially, opened doors of Introspection and Self-Discovery that forced and allowed me to dissect and learn the inner-workings of: Auto-hypnosis, Positive Reinforcement, Self-Awareness, Self-Education, the Human Body and its' chemical/physical processes, the Human Psyche and its' possible conditions, the Human Soul and its' inter-connectivity with everything around us, Goal Setting/Achieving, Patience, Self-Love, Determination, Relationships with oneself and others (intimate and societal), Attracting desired experiences and resources and the Benefits of Meditation and other Tools for sustaining Balance and Growth towards inner Serenity, Tranquility, Peace. Which is a lot more interesting of an endeavor than one originally perceives. I hold first-hand experience, education and success in many situations of life-rehabilitation. I believe in educating oneself and continuing to throughout life's journey. I believe in books to supplement experience, not replace it. I have dealt with and healed addiction, emotional instability/disability, physical disability, social disability and spiritual constipation. I believe that all things are temporary, and through love and understanding we are all capable of the most amazing visions imaginable.
I am currently a successful business owner and tradesman who is continuing his collegiate advances in several areas including language (Spanish, German, Japanese and French). I've worked myself to a position in life which affords me international travel and exploration as well. I honor the Four Agreements and hold an intimate understanding of the Laws of Attraction, while continuing my journey through life "spreading the love" in every direction, with every step I make and every breath take. I look forward to our future conversations.


Phone and Personal sessions/council offered in:
Half Hour - quick questions or advice
Hour - conversations more substantial
Day (usually 8-10 hours) - entire day's worth of attention and activity; generally incorporating healthy habit forming, self-care education, community observance, food preparation and nutrition, organizing work and life affairs, etc. We'll eat, walk, talk, learn and develop our day while we develop our way!
Online Chat through your preferred internet program, webcam option available.

Half Hour - quick questions or advice
Hour - conversations more substantial

Fee description

Fees: from $60 USD to $800 USD

$30 - half hour
$60 - hour
$500 - full day (activity expenses included in payment)


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