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Bud Panesar

I Help My Clients Transform 
Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

I help my client's transform their life experience.

About me

Hey there!

I am Bud, a Mind and Spiritual Coach based in Australia.

I help my client's transform their life experience and overcome whatever is keeping them stuck.

This isn't about me though, it is about you. Where are you in life and what is happening for you?

What is it you really need?

What is holding you back?

How can we make it come together for you?

Get in touch so we can explore this and move you towards your greatest life.

Coaching with me


My client is on a journey towards their best self. They require guidance, assistance, support and encouragement. 

However what they need most is someone who can greatly broaden their perspective and create an enhanced awareness of themselves.

When my client gains clarity, vision and purpose - along with the ability to transcend their limitations - magic happens.

My clients have:

  • overcome stress, anxiety and depression

  • created joy, fulfilment and contentment

  • generated more success in their life, including more wealth

  • a new way of preceiving time, and creating more time for what they love

  • a deeper connection with their authentic selves

Some of my clients who seek a spiritual awakening have transcended their limitations and overcome the boundaries of their egos.



I am an informal coach who works in the flow of the moment and responds to what is happening right now for my client.

We work within an overall agreement and framework. We create a plan. However, we agree that the plan is a guideline and can change, depending on what presents during sessions.

Are you the kind of client who is willing to explore unlimited possibility? 

Are you willing to step outside of your known envelope of reality?

When you are ready, I will work with you to create the greatest version of you that you can imagine.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


I tailor my packages to suit the client. 

The most popular is a three month package with a weekly one hour coaching engagement.

We kick off with a half-hour free call to work out the modalities and test the waters.


I tailor my packages to suit the client. 

The most popular is a three month package with a weekly one hour coaching engagement.

We kick off with a half-hour free call to work out the modalities and test the waters.

Short courses or group coaching

Group coaching works around a specific theme and objective - and we move the entire group towards a specific goal.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Bachelor and Master Engineering
  • Life and Success Coach
  • Master Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Master NLP Practitioner

I have lived an unusually rich life. I have travelled all over the World and lived in different continents. 

I have been an Engineer, Software Consultant, Project Manager, Business Develpoment Manager, Award winning Furniture Designer and Manufacturer, Business Sales Specialist.

From the time I was a teenager I have been hooked on uncovering the nature and structure of reality - objective and subjective. I meditate, introspect and have a deep appreciation, regard and respect for life and the Universe.

I am writing a book and I speak in public often. I provide assistance to people who have addiction issues and find themselves in a dark place, and I am invested in suicide prevention.

I also hate to use the word "I" so often - "I" would much rather be focused on "you" so I can help you and be of service.

Fee description

Fees: from $150 USD to $200 USD

Hourly rate for one off sessions is $200, and it comes down to $150 for packages.


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