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Cassandra Loveless

Fitness & Addiction Recovery expert 
Murray, Utah, United States
Activate your authenticity through goal achievement, movement therapy, and guided meditation.

About me

HELLO! My name is Cassandra Jean Loveless, but you can call me Cass. I am an old soul on a journey to heal and nurture as many beings as I can in the short time I have been given on this beautiful planet. I love to dance, sing, do yoga, garden, play the piano and banjo, bake yummy things, take long drives, and meet new people. But most of all I love to learn! I want to learn as much as I can about every subject under the sun.

Like a lot of people, I went through a very dark time in my life where I felt confused and lost. I had surrounded myself with negativity and as a result I was unhealthy, unhappy, and unsuccessful. I felt incredibly alone and cut off from all the people who love me. At times I even felt like giving up and ending my own life. I cannot begin to describe the pain I lived with everyday. Maybe you understand; maybe you are living with it right now. I wanted so badly to change my situation but I didn't know how. Then, one day I was driving to visit a friend when I saw a billboard on the side of the highway that changed my life. It said,


That hit me like a speeding train! I wanted to feel better but I wasn't doing anything about it! I was just waiting for life to happen to me instead of taking charge of my own life and making it great. I began to make small changes. First it was just getting outside more. Being in the sun makes me feel more alive and connected to the Earth. Next, I started being more conscious about the way I talk to myself in my mind. I was so accustomed to beating myself up that it took real dedicated effort to be nice to myself. Lastly, I began to do more of the things I love again! I danced more. I studied Yoga. I spent time with my plants. Everything around me began to change. It didn't happen overnight and it wasn't an easy thing to do but slowly I was able to let my Authentic Self shine. It was at that point that I began to see visible results! Everything just seemed to get easier. Of course, I still had problems to handle everyday but they were no longer overwhelming. I no longer felt the desire to retreat from life. I knew I could handle whatever came my way with grace and aptitude!

Because of this experience, I have chosen to dedicate my life to spreading love, promoting positive thinking, and teaching healthy living so that everyone can be their Authentic Self. The way we think about ourselves has such a dramatic impact on our lives. Choose happiness! Choose love! Choose health! And always remember that you are a fabulously unique individual with so much to offer the world!

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