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Chireya K. Fox

30+ years energy healer/life guide 
Denver, Colorado, United States
Experience permanent immediate change with Light Transmissions Healing & Life Architecture Coaching

About me

Chireya is a Light Transmissions Healer, Life Architecture Coach & Author who assists people in calibrating to their 100% Highest Destiny Path by clearing the overlays of consciousness that have been inhibiting true life expression, and bringing in 100% crystal clarity for next steps on the journey and the long-term life purpose vision. Author of Love’s Whisperings: Authentic Spiritual Development and other books in pre-publication, Chireya has over 30 years experience in the study and practice of energetic healing and recalibrations processes. Chireya is happy to be bringing tremendous results and comprehension of the platform of existence behind “reality” and the function of compounded momentum. Chireya’s access to divine knowledge and wisdom heals the rift between self and the divine with seamless orientation to the truth of us. Her book “Love’s Whisperings: Authentic Spiritual Development” is now available.


Life Architecture Coaching & Light Transmissions Healing Sessions with Chireya

Chireya’s clients include individuals in transition, visionary leaders, creative entrepreneurs and CEOs of conscious companies who are seeking clarity, enhanced alignment with life purpose and mission for dialing in a life of passion, purpose and prosperity!

The Light Transmission Sessions typically last between 60 and 90 minutes, and can be performed in person or via phone or skype. It is good to be able to relax afterwards as your foundation will shift for the better and it is good to allow integration time.

Recipients of my Light Transmissions Energy Sessions report immediate relief, as well as lasting permanent change to patterns that once seemed to return time and again. They also consistently report greater well-being and clarity on their life’s direction. I have been developing this work as a practitioner and student “behind the scenes” for over 30 years, and it is definitely time for this work to be shared with the world!

The Life Architecture Coaching Packages include weekly skype or phone sessions, regular email correspondence, emergency sessions when required, truly potent “100% Crystal Clarity Life Design System,” plus accountability structures and relevant, user friendly, forward moving “homework” unique to each client.

The Life Architecture Coaching is for people who desire a foundational platform from which to create truly lasting change and new creation in their lives. Leveraging the clearing and healing work combined with transformational visioning and reality creation processes and a keen ability as a guide and mentor, I am in a powerful position to help you or folks you know are ready for this depth of self care. Symptoms alleviated include yet are not limited to: stress and anger relief, overcoming long-held grief and habits, the healing of interpersonal dynamics, overcoming phobias and projections, the clearing of long-held emotional and physical traumas, creating a crystal clear vision of what is desired in business, personal life, and the fulfillment of your true divine life’s purpose, plus direct ongoing guidance in using powerful tools to help you manifest the new with ease and grace.

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD to $7500 USD

$100 / hour Life Architecture Coaching Initiatory / Sample Session (in person or phone/skype)

$100 / hour Light Transmissions Energy Healing Session (in person or phone/skype)

$300 / Hour - Custom for Corporate & Entrepreneurial Leaders - Seer & Energy Worker - healing interpersonal dynamics, redirecting energies and clearing karmas, "clear seeing" of highest probability timelines, removing blockages and healing relationships

$2500 / Month - Full Life Architecture Immersion Coaching Package - 3 month minimum for best results (I only accept 3 coaching clients at a time for maximum attention to your needs)

$2000 / Month for 6 Month Package - Ideal for Major Life Transition, Full Energetic Rebalancing and Building Life, Business, Relationships Anew


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