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Christina-Rae Kingston

Child Abuse & Trauma Recovery Coach 
Dublin, California, United States
Child Abuse & Trauma Recovery Coach
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Welcome to Opening Stories! My name is Christina-Rae Kingston, and I am a remote mental wellness and life coach specializing in overcoming child abuse and trauma. I aim to empower you to make positive, effective changes in your life by helping you change your perspective and your negative thinking patterns. Let's get you happy and whole again!

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Below is a brief excerpt of the child abuse and trauma I have suffered, and by the good grace of God, overcome with therapy, coaching, and A LOT of self-care and work.

In short, at 16-months of age I was taken away from my alcoholic parents by the state of California. I’m not sure as to the facts of how this came about, but I was found severely malnourished, eating a raw potato while my mother was passed out on the couch, and my father was nowhere to be found. I was born with FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome).

My maternal aunt gained full, legal custody of me. Unfortunately, she and her boyfriend were meth addicts and drug dealers, and I would suffer severe physical, mental, psychological, sexual, and financial abuse by multiple people until I ran away at 16-years-old after being whacked upside the head with a frying pan by my aunt for not doing something how she thought I should do it.

Most of my memory is completely blackened, which is what I believe saved my sanity. The following is a sequence of events of my abuse that I can recall, it is not all inclusive, and the ages may very well be off:

5-years-old: I was raped and beat nightly for I don’t know how long by my maternal cousin.

5-years-old: I watched a girl my same age burn to death in front of me; our caretakers were downstairs smoking meth together.

*I remember absolutely nothing from birth to age 5 aside from the two incidents described above, up until 2 weeks before I  turned 10, and I only remember age 10 because of the incident*

10-years-old: I witnessed a horrific fatal car crash from 15 feet away while checking the mail. A jeep crashed head on into a tree out front, and the antenna went through the passengers neck. She was trying to scream, but it was really just a gurgle. I was affected; it was never addressed. I just went home and carried on with life, but I will never forget that day.

*My memory is blackened until I meet my mother at 12*

12-years-old – I randomly met my mother. She was a disgusting drunk, still. It was an extraordinarily disappointing situation. She died not more than a year later.  The night of her funeral I was molested by my drunk brother-in-law. Several years later, he took me aside and apologized. He’s the only one to have done that. 

13-years-old: I was sexually assaulted daily for a little over a year by a 78-year-old man who bought meth from my aunt. He paid me, and she always took the money from me. One time she let him take me “camping” for the weekend. We never left the camper, and he sexually assaulted me the entire time. He paid me $500 which was ripped out of my hands as soon as I got home. She told me I had better of done a good job. Discussing this makes me ill. The abuse only stopped because he died.

14-years-old: I witnessed my aunt being beat by another woman in our yard over some bad drugs she had sold her. A lot of her hair was pulled out, she had a black eye, and she was missing a tooth. 

14-years-old: I witnessed a brutal murder while in the care of my aunt’s best friend, Karen, who would pinch and slap me when no one was around. She was very mean to me physically, verbally, and psychologically. Her son was macheteed to death by his best friends stepbrother in front of Karen and I.

15-years-old: I was molested by one of my aunt’s drug runners that lived with us. I took her in the bathroom afterward and told her what happened. She said she’d take care of it. The next morning when I awoke, he was sitting in the chair next to me eating pancakes she had just made him. I never felt so betrayed in all my life.

15-years-old: I witnessed by aunt’s boyfriend get severely beat by another man over some bad drugs he had sold him. He had several teeth knocked out, and his right leg was broken.

16-years-old: I ran away after being hit in the head with a frying pan. I weighed 67 pounds because she literally didn’t feed me, and I was too embarrassed to let anyone know how hungry I was all of the time. I constantly felt like I was starving to death.

17-years-old: I witnessed a man nearly beat another man to death over money that was owed to him. He physically beat him, choked him, and then poured gas on him and lit him on fire.

19-years-old: My husband cheated on me when I was 2 weeks away from having my first son, and left me for her. He was 24, she was 16. They were both meth addicts. 

As a note, for those who must wonder, I have never done meth, and I almost never drink. 

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Fees: from $125 USD to $200 USD

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