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Royal Oak, Michigan, United States

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  • Semi Annual Couples Retreat


    Every relationship should have a yearly refresher! Thank you for your interest in the Get Your Groove Back Couples Retreat October 4-6, 2019.

    $800.00 USD RRP $800.00 USD     ADD TO CART
  • How Communicating Saved Our Marriage


    Not only were we not prepared for all of the things we did NOT have in common; but when the challenges arose – who knew we couldn't communicate eith

    $18.00 USD RRP $20.00 USD     save 10% ADD TO CART
  • Relationship Couples Coaching


    We often enter relationship having a picture in our minds of what our life will now look like with the partner we have chosen - until reality sets in.

    $1000.00 USD RRP $1500.00 USD     save 33% ADD TO CART
  • Built Marriage Tough - Workbook for Couples


    Workbook with interactive tools which contains skill-building exercises that will help you to understand and apply our Six Core exercises

    $30.00 USD RRP $30.00 USD     ADD TO CART
  • Learning How to Communicate with Your Partner


    Learning how to express negative feelings to communicate with your partner requires four (4) important skills.

    $75.00 USD RRP $105.00 USD     save 29% ADD TO CART
  • Life Coaching


    Life Coaching is highly customized to fit your needs and no two coaching relationships are the same.

    $800.00 USD RRP $800.00 USD     ADD TO CART
  • Individual 1:1 Coaching


    Feel like the 6-month program is too much for you? Only need a handful of sessions to get you through a tough spot? I’ve gotcha covered…

    $600.00 USD RRP $800.00 USD     save 25% ADD TO CART
  • Pre-Marriage Coaching


    PreMarriage coaching is essential for couples entering marriage because it helps set the proper expectations to navigate through major life changes

    $600.00 USD RRP $600.00 USD     ADD TO CART
  • 90-Day Marriage Coaching (Built Marriage Tough)


    Marriage coaching provides an unconditional space to flush out the obstacles that can arise around the “real life stuff” that surfaces .

    $1000.00 USD RRP $1500.00 USD     save 33% ADD TO CART

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