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Dhajinder Shakir

Health & Well-being Coach 
Norwich, England, United Kingdom
You want to successfully take control and became proactive in your life choices?

About me

Have you ever had issues such as weight gain, smoking, no understanding of your medical conditions, stress, lack confidence, relationship problems, dead end career ect.

There are tools and techniques which empowers you to take a realistic approach to find the answers to your personal physical health and inner well being.

I am a professional Life Coach and additional been working in the health service
( Nurse Practitioner ) for the past 33 years.

Coaching with me

Became a active participant in your health needs and understand your long term medical conditions.
Eat healthily not only to maintain weight loss but also to help with diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems.
Quit smoking and benefit from a reduction in the risk of lung cancer, heart attack and stroke. This will also improve energy levels, reduce facial aging effects and increase your life span.
Build your Resilience
Support you with stress management techniques
Challenge you to think 'outside the box'
improve feelings of self esteem and image
Enable you to accept and love yourself
Motivate and support you to discover new career/improve existing
I work in partnership with you, build an open and trusting relationship.
Most importantly you have to be committed to be achieving results because l have a hundred percent success rate currently and can not work with you if your are not committed to work for change.
As your Personal Coach, you will get the best professional and expert support, motivation and guidance to find your own answers, allowing you to address your health and well-being needs.
I design an individually tailored approach to your personal needs.
I have a gentle, non judgemental and friendly approach.


Telephone or Skpe consultation
Face to face consultation as agreed by both parties

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $100 USD

15 minutes free no obligation consultation
1 hour consultation £50.00
Travel limited to 2 hours distance from Norwich (plus travel expenses)
All fees to be paid before each consultation


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