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Dr -Ven Eyarhono

BSc Hons MSc PhD 
Online , England, United Kingdom
International Coach/Integrative Psychotherapist

About me

I am an international Coach/Psychotherapist, providing life changing self development, coaching services for a whole diverse range of clientele, worldwide. I am accredited to provide training and supervision to life coaches and psychotherapists.  The inspiration behind my role is my enjoyment in interacting with people in general, especially in a way that can make a positive difference in their lives. I aspire to build reciprocated working relationships with everyone who I come across since I also acknowledge my own shortcomings or vulnerabilities. To that end, I try my level best to consistently exercise reflective practice in which I create a power balance by facilitating for my clients to give feedback so that I can look back and see what I could have done differently in order to improvise or make adjustments accordingly. This approach seems to be working well for me as evidenced by the growing number of clients who keep coming back for more sessions or to access personal development courses

Coaching with me


I am a laid back, jargon free, Coach/Psychotherapist with Senior accreditation status, SMAACH My role here, is to assist you to make sense of of any concerns that have led you to seek coaching.

I aim to work round your schedule in order to accommodate all aspects of your daily life so that you can enjoy stress free sessions. My approach to supporting you is person centred. I do this by providing you with a confidential, safe place so that we can explore your thoughts, experiences and feelings. 

We start of with a free consultation, conducted over the phone or in writing upon which you can clearly state your expectations from my coaching sessions. If we both agree to go ahead. I will conduct an assessment of your needs from which I will come up with an individually tailored plan to be supported by relevant resources. We will both evaluate your progress accordingly as we progress with your coaching experience 



I have designed different training courses in all the areas that I cover of which you can gain some introductory insight through my blogs or tips. The course content consists of cases studies and multiple choice questions. This is all geared to assist you to analyse or resonate with similar problems from outside the box, gradually assisting you to look at areas that you may relate or resonate with your own experience. It is a great stimulant process in which you explore your vulnerabilities and discover your hidden strengths as well as gaining a power balance, leading to enhancement of your own problem solving capabilities.


My courses are all  original content and my approach to practice is  evidence based, backed by relevant research, as well as extensive knowledge acquired in university and my competence in the application of psychological and sociological theory, eclectically. Most of all your own individual needs are central to this holistic aproach 


All sessions are conducted in audio format over the phone, text or email. I aim to give you the best to bring the best out of you. My coaching hours vary from 1 hour sessions to ongoing sessions, for example 3 months or extensions to meet individual needs. You can be intermittent and come back whenever the need arises. 


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


Empowerment Coaching

  • This package is highly recommended for at least three months and is subject to extension depending on individual need. Total cost is $3000

  • During the 3 months period, you will have unlimited access to all training resources. Booked telephone/text sessions. 

Empowerment is central to all aspects of personal development. All other factors attributing to successful personal or professional development are systematic fragments of the empowerment concept. That is why I have started off by mentioning empowerment coaching because the aim and objective of coaching sessions is to achieve empowerment which will unlock all barriers impending progress in any aspect of our life either emotional, psychological, physical or environmental influences. 

My approach to empowerment sessions starts off by assessing your cognitive capacity which is to do with your thinking and reasoning. Our level of thinking and reasoning in a given situation is influenced by our respective environments which could be within our families, work or the wider environment, life experiences both past and present. That is why I work together with you to explore causal links with a view to adjusting or completely eliminating them.  This strategy is applicable to all coaching methods in different settings. For example, low self esteem, confidence building, divorce, separation, relationships, success etc. 


Dating Coaching 

This is very popular. I thoroughly enjoy it. I have had a lot of success in this area because it is on a very light note. Most sessions are conducted over the phone in both audio and text format. With regards to fees, I am very flexible depending on your personal circumstances and also because the volume of calls is quite high and frequent. 

Just like all my coaching sessions. It starts off with a free consultation followed by telephone bookings. I have also written quite a number of articles on dating that are available in my shop at very reasonable prices. Also, some are humorous and very interesting blogs 

Coaching sessions are all individually tailored and very much specific to individual need.  

Most sessions entail the analytical scrutiny of interaction between the client and the potential dating partner, strategies on handling challenges, safe dating, online dating, clarity or establishment of expectations on either side from the onset; for example friendships with benefits, one night stands or short to long term relationships. In my work experience, most people would be looking for a platonic friendship leading on to a fulfilled long term relationship but that may not be the intention of a potential partner. 

When a relationship starts off on mutual understanding. A solid foundation would be established. Every situation is unique. 


Short courses or group coaching

Divorce Coaching 

The divorce process can be emotionally draining for all concerned. In most cases, it affects the whole family systems functionality,   especially where minor children are involved. Disputes normally arise, necessitating the involvement of relevant professionals like social services and other safeguards. I have training in Child development and Child protection as well as relevant legislation (UK). 

My approach to coaching in this area is is supported by my knowledge of family systems, attachment theory and child development. It is a very complex area of I strictly do not interfere with the input of other professionals, like Social workers and other professional safeguards. My coaching sessions focus is specifically on the individual concerned. Should any concerns involving the safety of minors be brought to my attention, I will make a referral to the appropriate professionals. 

I have written articles on this topic and would strongly advice any potential client to have a look at them prior to any coaching sessions. 

Training courses on Divorce are ongoing and pricing is dependant on individual circumstances 



Ongoing training

Recently published a book that is currently available on Amazon entitled Proposal for A New Constitution and a New System for Zimbabwe: 


This book showcases my negotiation ability as well as my knowledge of relevant legislative perspectives 

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Applied Social Sciences
  • Behavioural Sciences
  • LLB Hons
  • Assessor/Trainer
  • Attachment theory /Child Development
  • Cognitive Behavioural CBTTraining

Combined with University placements, I have over 10 years experience in practice. In the past 4 years and throughout the pandemic period, my work is solely based online. I cater for worldwide clientele. 

Due to environmental changes during that period. Most families and couples were confined to one place round the clock and this seemed to create some challenges, routine changes, behavioural pattern. changes and a whole for a significant number of people, Having said that, I also came across a considerable number of families who used that time to reconnect with each other in ways that they have never done before. In that same period,  I worked on a considerable percentage of matters revolving around dating, love and relationships, divorce.  Since then, my interest in that area has developed to a great extent. 

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD to $6000 USD

All short courses lasting 3 months and over are charged from rate of $3000 and above 


Coaching fee is £100 for a 90 minute coaching session, subject to negotiation or reduction depending on individual circumstances 


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