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Emily Hillman, CC

Certified Life Coach 
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Emily Hillman, CC Life Purpose Coach, Career Coach Life Purpose Institute Certifed Coach

About me

As an Administrative Assistant for 13 years, I knew I hadn't found my bliss in life. But, a lot of my co-workers seemed to feel comfortable talking to me about their lives, and asking for my advice about issues from career growth to relationship issues and personal growth. I realized that my passion has always been helping others, listening to their stories and using my active listening skills to help them figure out the best options for achieving their goals. Looking back I saw the many people who I've helped with relationship issues, family issues, career growth and advancement, organization and more.

I had found my bliss – helping people to find theirs. I decided to leave the office environment behind and allow myself to blossom into what I am most passionate about. I went back to school and became a certified Life Coach through The Life Purpose Institute. I learned more about myself and life coaching, so that I might help others on a professional level.

I love helping people find their own answers for how to blossom in their lives. My joy comes from hearing that I've been a catalyst for clients in finding their right path. I appreciate being seen as an open, neutral and trustworthy confidant. My clients can be assured that I maintain confidentiality of our discussions.


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Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Life Purpose Institute Certified Coach

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Fees: from $100 USD


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