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Eric Bensoussan

Relationship and Divorce coach 
vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

- Relationship Coaching - Divorce coaching I am fluent in ENGLISH and FRENCH.

About me

I have been at very low points in my life. I have experienced not healthy relationships, and few divorces. I felt hurt, angry, ashamed, guilty. I was blaming myself and others. Now I know it was meant to be in order for me to take responsibility for my life, and unravel my true personality. I have done the work on myself and focused on having the best relationship with myself. I live now with a profound respect for myself. In result of that transformation, I live my life from a place of love and infinite possibilities. I experience Joy and Freedom. I live on my own terms and I am in deep appreciation for life. I have a gift now that I share with people who are ready for the same transformation that I had. My gift can be yours.

Coaching with me


I am a very heart-centered Coach. I hold a safe space for my clients for them to BE, and FEEL so that they don't feel isolated and judged anymore.
I support my clients to understand how they have been operating in their relationships so that they can see the impact on their life.
Once they have this awareness, I can discuss with them about new perspectives that will shift their belief system and limitations. I will give them tools and strategies that they can practice in their daily life.
I will empower people to seek clarity so that they can take any decisions at any moments with no doubts.
They will strengthen the relationship with themselves, connecting to their true nature and essence.
Relationship is a skill you can master.
I will also share my experiences and how I overcome my challenges. I shifted my challenges into opportunities.
In less than 3 months you can expect to feel a lot better. You will have clear directions to move forward in your life. Most of my clients experienced more confidence, more joy, more freedom, and have reclaimed their personal power. You will reconnect with your intuition and your strengths.   more ...


I am a heart-centered Coach. I am warm and easy going.
People do feel safe to communicate with me, even what they never told to anyone.
I have a gift to spot people very quickly, and to guide them to find new directions aligned with who they are.

-Relationship Coaching
I support and empower people to strengthen the most important relationship: the one with themselves so that they can live the life they want and live it powerfully.
I work with you on your beliefs system and limitations. I will give you tools and strategies for your daily life. This will set the tone for every other relationship in your life. You will be able to experience freedom, peace, love, and joy

-Divorce coaching
I help men and women to overcome the challenges of the divorce so that they can reclaim strength, confidence, and joy. There is another way of experiencing your divorce. What do you make it mean about yourself? Let's work on the best strategies to get you back to a place where you can experience, confidence, love, peace, and joy. In less than 3 months you can shift your perspective and reclaim your personal power, and start to feel much better. I will hold a space for you to BE, and FEEL so that you don't feel isolated anymore.   more ...



1 on 1 Coaching by phone or teleconference.

Short courses or group coaching

Group coaching support for Coping with Divorce.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • ICF Certified Coach
  • Landmark curriculum for living
  • Emotional Intelligence Course
  • ACTP- Erickson College Coaching program

Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $125 USD

Monthly Fee for 300 Usd:
4 coaching sessions x 30 min
3 coaching sessions x 40 min
2 coaching sessions x 60 min


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