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Gohar Ghabuzyan

Life coach, Executive coach 
San Jose, California, United States
Create the life you want to live! My mission is to support you in this!

About me

My role as a coach is to support individuals, executives and teams to reach their goals and fulfill their dreams. I offer innovative tools to support you in all your initiatives.
I believe that each of you has answers to all of the questions which matter. And my role is to create a comfortable and creative field where you can reveal and transform all the obstacles and find the best and most appropriate way for you to get perfect results.
Reaching any goal or making any change is consists of two parts:
1) Formulate your goal as concrete as possible, set timeline, plan actions and start acting. This is the conscious part. I have a set of very practical toolkit which will help you to organize this part in the most effective way.
2) Turn on or unlock the state of your mind, body and heart which will support you in the process of setting “right” goals and reaching them. Each of you has all the necessary resources to reach your goals. But sometimes our energy is blocked by negative emotions, limiting beliefs and fears which are hindering us to reveal and use our potential. Fortunately, there are many techniques and tools to help you to overcome these obstacles and become more resourceful, happy and successful. My mission is to coach you in this process.

Coaching with me

Life coaching is an individual work with a person which supports him in reaching personal goals.I am using different tools and techniques which help you to reveal most important values, set goals and reach them, harmonize various aspects of your life, understand and transform inner barriers and limiting patterns.
In many cases coaching focuses on behavior and environment of the client, helps to formulate goals and create and implement plans to reach them. I am using Transformational life coaching approach which means working with the client in a deeper level. It includes goal-setting and its realization plan but it also includes: revealing most important values, matching goals with personal values and mission, harmonization of conflicting values, revealing and transformation of unconscious beliefs and decisions which are creating negative patterns and difficulties in your life. It also includes awakening and activation of your best internal resources and potential.
Good news is that all this transformation is possible to have online, spending less time and money for deep transformation of your life.


Individual coaching to get perfect results in your objectives
Coaching available also online, through skype or viber
Short courses or group coaching
"Transformation" game for a group of up to 4 persons
Ongoing training
Training "Enneagram Practitioner"
Training "Profiling"

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • NLP Coach Master ICTA
  • Transformational Coach ICTA
  • Enneagram in Coaching

Fee description

Fees: from $80 USD to $300 USD


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