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Heather Ann Dempsey

Columbia, Pennsylvania, United States

With over 20+ years of studying eclectic coaching modalities, we will build your dream life!

About me

Heather will successfully assist you in:

Removing blocks and trapped emotions, to overcome hurdles that are holding you back
Finding your truest passions
Increasing your confidence
Prioritizing what will be have the most spectacular and impactful results
Designing your passport to experience more joy, fulfillment, emotional balance and to fall in love with life!

Why Heather ?

Her desire is for the world to be filled with more joyful people. When Heather began her career in the wellness industry, in 1993, it came as second nature to assist people in uncovering a more expansive way of thinking, healthier way to live and care for themselves. And after years of over coming her own significant business and personal obstacles (business development, expansion and challenges, childhood traumas, loss, health issues, divorce, etc.) and always coming out stronger and happier than she could have ever expected, she knew she needed to share her methods of achieving this with others, so they could be happier and freer too. To deepen her knowledge and learn more methods of coaching, she has trained (and continues to train) with the best coaches in the world! She is impassioned about helping others learn how to effectively utilize the energy of the universe (commonly known as the Law of Attraction) and adopt new, scientifically proven habits that will cultivate greater success, confidence, connection to your core values and life purpose. Working with Heather, you will learn new tools and techniques to help you live the most joyful & authentic life!

It's never to late to go for the life of your dreams - full of deeply connected relationships, financial freedom, more fun & leisure, balance and whatever your heart desires!

In addition to her own unique and eclectic style, Heather's Coaching, Events & Workshops are infused with and inspired by The Secret, Reiki, EFT | Tapping, her work with John Assaraf, Sheevaun Moran, certifications from Jack Canfield, The Secret To Life Coaching, Byron Katie | The Work, Janet Attwood founder of The Passion Test, Joe Vitale and Emotion|Body Code.


Reduce Stress, Increase Confidence & Sense of Self-Worth
Increase Purpose, Intention, Direction and Free Time
Increase and Balance Energy for Improved Health
Improve Connections and Relationships
Create an ABUNDANT Life rich in successes and fulfilling experiences!
And much, much more....

Coaching with me


Identify and remove those limiting beliefs or “programs” that do not serve you.
Command the life that you deserve to have and become the person you want to be.
Help you get more out of life than what you are currently achieving.

Help you access and experience “having it all” with:
More Happiness
Optimum health
Financial well-being
Satisfying, loving relationships
A career that inspires you
A renewed zest for an adventurous life!


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


In person, Skype or phone sessions available


Online courses coming soon..

Short courses or group coaching

Online courses coming soon..

Ongoing training

Continue your success with intensive Coaching Programs and Accountability Partners

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Sound Therapist
  • Certified Advanced Law of Attraction Coach
  • Reiki Master | Teacher
  • Emotion Code Certification
  • Passion Test Facilitator Certification
  • Certified Secret to Life Coaching Coach
  • Certified Jack Canfield Trainer
  • 500 hour Certified Yoga Instructor
  • Past Life Regression
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Advanced Dowsing Techniques

In addition to her own unique style as a coach, the mentors listed above, have further expanded her tool box with a plethora of 100% effective, tested and proven techniques. Friends and business associates describe Heather as:

“Kind, open minded, creative, smart, compassionate, giving, driven, focused, peaceful, loving, attentive, a wonderful listener, a person of depth.”

Mentors and fellow coaches add:

“Heather is insightful, intuitive, and extremely efficient in getting to the root of problems and finding effective solutions.”

"Heather is a psychological thinker!"

"She has the strongest desire for growth and personal development than I’ve ever seen.”

Fee description

Fees: from $29 USD to $3997 USD

You can choose a la Carte Coaching services and treatments or select a thoughtfully composed Coaching Program


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