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J.C. Manning

Professional Life Coach 
Miami, Florida, United States

6+ years of Coaching and Facilitation experience!

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OFFERINGS: Online coaching

FEES from $150 USD to $1800 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I believe that life is too short to not do what we can to savor it to the fullest. We are often met with difficulties and personal trials, and let's face it, we do not always know how to tackle them. Not because we necessarily are not aware or creative enough to do it, but because it is always harder to grow on our weaker/untrained habits.

I am here to tell you that we all deserve to be happy and the only way to get there is by moving forward how ever challeging that may be and doing so to the best of our capacity (without judgments but always open to learning). 

I have 10+ years of experience in leadership and transformational trainings, 6+ years doing one-on-one coaching and group facilitation on leadership and transformative learning through powerful experiences/exercises. I have completed three different and enriching coaching certifications. I have supported a lot of people in mastering new skills that have contributed to their personal growth overall.

I will go ahead and list some of the reasons you might want to start a coaching relationship with me:

  • You are feeling lost, without purpose and want to train yourself in being connected to yourself and be more passionate in life.

  • You find it hard to be loving to yourself and/or to feel valuable and you would like to learn how to take care of yourself and practice the art of self-love.

  • You have trouble believing in your personal/professional/ interpersonal skills and want to back up your words and actions with a powerful presence and lasting confidence.

  • You are having trouble organizing your thoughts and/or your time. You have too many tasks/goals left unattended and you want to be consistent, diligent and efficient in your completion of them.

  • You are experiencing new challenges in your life that involve transitioning to a new 'normal'. New promotion, you just became a father/mother, etc, and you require a new set of skills to perform efficiently in the domain of your choice.

  • You are having trouble setting healthy boundaries, because you feel doing so, might hurt others or you do not see yourself powerful enough to do so, and you would like to learn to stand your ground and earn respect from a peaceful demeanor.

  • You are finding it hard to connect with others (spouse, friends, coworkers, your children). You love them, but for some reason you cannot see eye-to-eye on things, sometimes fighting about things is more common than not fighting. You want reconnect with them and build a healthy, meaningful relationship with them.

Please rest assured I have both the experience and the knowledge to support you in your personal growth 100%. After leading 100+ transformational weekend trainings and hundreds of one-on-one coaching sessions, I have garnered the confidence to say I know (1) you are powerful beyond measure, (2) we are fully capable of reaching the peak of your growth together. So do sign up, dear friend!

Coaching with me


What you can expect:

  • A greater more integrated sense of self and purpose.

  • A renewed commitment to yourself in the form of self-love, self-value and a healthy undertaking of your personal/professional goals.

  • Confidence rooted on who you are and what you are capable of being/doing/achieving.

  • Better organizational skills that go from spatial efficiency to time efficiency. From learning how to organize your personal space (@work,@home) to learning how to organize ideas on paper and virtually.

  • An acquired ease to convey disagreement in an assertive way as well as the ability to deconstruct toxic relations and creat healthy boundaries with others.

  • A greater connection with the people you love or the ones closest to you. 

  • Improved adaptability to a changing dynamic:

    • At work, whether it is:

      • Getting transferred to a new area at work.

      • Getting promoted to a new job position.

      • Adapting to a new workplace altogether.

    •  In your personal life:

      • When you go from dating to formally become a married couple.

      • From being single or a couple with no children to becoming an expecting person/couple.

      • A new born father/mother.


I help my clients achieve a greater mastery of the area of life they want to develop. I do this by coaching the client to do deep rooted personal work that in consequence manifests itself in their daily life and specifically in the area they want to focus on.

The style of coaching I offer is simple.

Shift the core and the rest will follow.

How do we shift core?

(1) We go deep and change our behavior patterns from they way we think to the way we act and using the way we act to transform the way we think and feel about ourselves.

(2) We practice the new ways of being day-in and day-out to slowly but surely create a new habit or 'new-normal' through discipline.

To ensure this process goes smoothly, my coaching packages include weekly coaching sessions, where we will go deep into what is happening in that week without losing track of our end goal and how we move forward towards it.



One-on-one online hourly sessions from the comfort of your own home, in your car, in your break at work, etc. Online interactions in my opinion are the best choice in today's world. It gives us the opportunity to see each other face-to-face, while avoiding the inconveniences of traffic and time spent on driving to or from a session.

During our 1-on-1s we will be diving deeply into the heart of the matter and we will both deconstruct the problem and formulate a solution in the form of homework you will be practicing during the week. Think of it as a gym, we are training new muscles and they will not grow without practice... practice... and more practice. That is why we need to take our findings/learnings within sessions to a new level... out in the wild, so to speak.

All homework will be co-created and is meant to be supportive, so do not worry about time management. Our job is to find you a fitting homework both thematically as well as manageable.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Ontological Integrative Coaching certification. (2013)
  • Coaching and Theatrics program certificate. (2014)
  • Ontological Life Coaching certification. (2015)
  • Integral Coaching and Facilitation. (2018)

I have been subjected to transformational and leadership training for more than 10 years and decided to become both an Ontological Life Coach and Transformational Trainer and Facilitator more than 7 years ago.

I am a bilingual Peruvian-American, fluent in both English and Spanish and experienced in providing high-end deeply transformational experiences that evolve into impactful manifestions of growth through determined new actions that lead to what we call: extraordinary results. I.e. What goes beyond your current perceived limitations.

I have facilitated over 100 transformational trainings, coached over 1000 individuals to a greater notion of themselves and their own excellence.

I believe we are all powerful beyond measure and we deserve to achieve our goals whatever they may be as long as we are always respectful of ourselves and others; and that we can make all this happen while enjoying the journey and being full of compasion to ourselves as we walked determined to our desired destination!

Fee description

Fees: from $150 USD to $1800 USD

Do not get scared by the fees! Let's work on a plan that works for you!

First off, let's acknowledge that your personal growth is invaluable. So, if anything, this is an investment on yourself. Your return on investment will be the impact of your new results during and after our work together. I believe it is completely worth it.

Getting back to the fee. My one-session fee is $150 an hour if you sign up for just one. Since I firmly believe practice makes proficient and the more you practice, the closer you get to your desired results; the more you commit to your personal growth, the greater the savings in the longrun. $1800 would be a six-month package, including not less than 24 hourly sessions. If you do the math, that is quite a save!

And at the end of the day, we can discuss what works best for you in terms of frequency and we can create an overall plan that best suits you personally and obviously financially.


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