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Coach Jennifer Zundel
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Jennifer Zundel

Certified Calling in "TheOne" Coach 
Denver, Colorado, United States

I support women and men to create a miracle in their love life and manifest their soulmate!

FEES from $115 USD to $180 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I coach in two different, but related areas using similar processes for both. The first area I work in is supporting women and men to manifest love using the Calling in "The One" Process. The second area is using the processes developed in that program to specifically support women to manifest ANYTHING they want in life. This is the Feminine Power coaching process. As a certified Calling in “The One” coach, I am passionate about women and men seeing their old patterns in love melt away. My clients report having more fun dating, experiencing better relationships, and naturally becoming magnetic to their Soulmate as they learn to confidently let their love light shine! Personally trained and mentored by Katherine Woodward Thomas, bestselling author of the book Calling in "The One" 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life, I have experienced profound shifts in my own life due to this work, and been on fire ever since. Clients say my energy and enthusiasm is contagious and fun, creating possibility for embodiment of the teaching and rapid transformation. As a trained Feminine Power coach/facilitator, I empower women to manifest their deepest desires in all areas of life, and love supporting women especially to create greater health, better relationships, access their creativity and purpose in life, and generate unprecedented levels of prosperity and abundance in their lives. I draw on a strong foundation in meditation, mind-body practices for health and wellness, and extensive training for helping men and women communicate more effectively. I offer live workshops in Denver, Colorado and private coaching by phone/Skype worldwide. With a background teaching English as a Second Language, I welcome coaching international clients. Having lived in Italy many years, I speak Italian, am also a visual artist, and play violin with an orchestra in Denver, Colorado.

Coaching with me

Calling in "The One" coaching is a proven process that has helped hundreds of thousands of people to create a miracle in their love life. I will support you to create dramatic transformation in your love life from the inside out. Together we will identify the hidden inner barriers that have kept love away, so you can release them and become wildly magnetic to your Soulmate and the love you deserve. You will learn how to shift the limiting core beliefs you have about your ability to receive the love you desire.

Feminine Power Coaching is a highly transformative process that I use to empower women to manifest their deepest desires in all areas of their lives. You will learn a proven process that will support you to break through your blocks in the places you feel frustrated or dis-empowered, so you can awaken to your true power to catalyze your potentials and realize your higher destiny.
All of my coaching has a foundation in the Law of Attraction. However, this is not just focused on "manifesting fun stuff". We take this to a much higher level of understanding what is needed to catalyze a series of profound breakthroughs towards self-actualization, the things that can't be created with a strategy, such as: finding true love, discovering your calling, creating true abundance, improved health, greater creativity.

Much of this work is based on identifying the underlying and limiting beliefs as they live in the body, and transforming those beliefs at the core level. This is done through somatic, embodied processes that I coach clients through during our sessions. The programs I coach, are the ONLY processes I have EVER come across that actually have a proven process for transforming limiting beliefs! I am so ON FIRE and EXCITED to share this highly transformative material with my clients!


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Private coaching sessions are 60 minutes each, and take place by phone or Skype. Packages available.

Short courses or group coaching

Calling in "The One" 8 week group course available live in Denver, Colorado. Each session is 2 hours long, and meets weekly for 8 weeks. Feminine Power 2 Full Days, Weekend Workshop is a group workshop offered live in Denver, Colorado.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Calling in "The One" Coach
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts: Photography
  • Intensive Meditation Community
  • Mindbody Course for Healing Chronic Pain
  • PAX (Programs by Alison Armstrong helping men and women have better relationships)
  • Conscious Uncoupling
  • Feminine Power Coach & Group Facilitator
  • Violin Performance at Music Conservatory
  • Teaching English as a Second Language

Fee description

Fees: from $115 USD to $180 USD

I normally work with clients through coaching packages. I can offer just one coaching session, but packages offer the best prices. Payment is due in advance of the session. You may pay for only the first coaching session in advance of the first session for you to get a feel if we are a good fit for each other before committing to a package. Then once it's decided we will work together, you would pay for the coaching package you have decided to purchase. Packages are paid for either up front (after the first session), or on a monthly payment plan.

1 individual 60 minute session - $180

12 sessions of 60 minutes each - $1800

26 sessions of 60 minutes each, - $2995


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